Dark Sandalwood & Mint. A Unique Wooden Accessory

Growing up don't we all have this list of things we want to own when we are adults. A picture of the kind of house we will live in, car we will drive, family we will have, what pets we want and so on.
And then as we get older and we lust after other things. Handbags, diamonds, dresses, shoes. We will have that list of "one day I will own a.....".

Three years ago, when we bought our 1930's wooden yacht I also discovered Jord Watches. I guess I had a new appreciation over anything made from wood. The workmanship, the different grains and colours, how natural it is. 
I always imagined being sat on the boat, admiring her craft and style, and looking at a beautiful wooden watch on my wrist, also admiring it's craft and style. 
Unfortunately, hints went unnoticed, divorce happened and I knew that image of a wooden boat and a wooden watch would never be. 
However, it didn't stop my lust and my hope for that wooden watch.

Since my divorce I have changed a lot. Not just mentally but my image has too. I dress differently. I'm a lot more confident about myself, what I wear, and I guess I'm not as girly as I once was. Dresses and skirts are my staple outfit, only now they are worn with a Michael Dunlop or Isle of Man TT hoodie. 
And, I have a right arm that is slowly becoming covered in tattoo's. 

I'm picky when it comes to accessories. I wear my watch on my left arm, after being told for years that wearing it on my right arm was wrong. I wear a rose gold ring on that hand so a watch has to match that. 
My tattoos limit me somewhat to the jewellery I choose to wear on my right arm. But I'm ok with that. My tattoos are my own unique accessories. And I think the theme of my accessories are just that....unique. 
I have two rings which are pearls from Tenerife, a square Sapphire and the rose gold ring which was the wedding ring for my Great Grandmother, and has a tiny section of yellow gold where it had to be adjusted. My necklace is a white gold cross, along with a charm of the Isle of Man TT circuit...again, that mismatch of girly along with a masculine side too.

And then, a couple of months ago my lusting for a wooden watch stopped as I finally got my wish of owning one. I was lucky enough to be sent a Frankie 35 Series Dark Sandalwood and Mint watch. Oh my goodness, when I saw the image on the website I thought it was beautiful but when it arrived, in a beautiful wooden box with a lid that you simply slide to reveal your chosen timepiece I was delighted.
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Sliding off the lid I didn't think the watch would amaze me as much as it did. The mint face against the dark sandalwood is such a beautiful contrast and also gives the watch that mixture of feminine/masculine.

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You can get the watch sent to you already adjusted to fit your wrist. You simply let them know your wrist measurement and the watch arrived in that size. Mine was a little too big still so I got 2 more links taken out which was easy enough to do and only cost £5 from a local shop.
I couldn't wait to wear the watch and to show it off to everyone. I noticed one thing from people admiring the watch, they all wanted to touch it, for me to take it off so they could look closely at the the way it was made and put together. And also because they didn't believe it was really made of wood.

I love how this watch can be styled with any outfit. It looks smart enough for me to wear to work, or for a meal out, but works equally as well with an everyday casual outfit.

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Also, is there nothing better than noticing your new watch matches your favourite new boots?

This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.
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