Bringing positive energy into your home

Positive energy is known to be essential for good health and wellbeing, and it is certainly possible to aspire to achieve the maximum amount in your home if you follow a few simple guidelines. Take a quick look at what might work for you and apply the recommended remedies if they suit your circumstances.

First of all, the doom and gloom of your experiences of negative energy are often created by people, places or things that leave you with an impending sense that bad things might happen. To counteract this, as a general rule, you should try to seek out people, places or things that make you feel great.

These few tips may help you to speed along towards a happier result.

Acknowledge your emotions

It is a curious fact that your emotions and how you express them are known to have a direct bearing on many of your physical reactions. Theories of “mind over matter” as explored in a number of scientific trials have a lot of support, and one good way to approach these findings is to analyse the role of the senses and how these might affect your positive energy at home.


Open your eyes to the benefits of natural daylight, and be aware of how this is masked in your home as a result of curtains reducing the surface areas of windows. Instead of curtains, use wooden window shutters to let in more light and give you more control of sunlight. Opt for café-style shutters to improve your security and privacy.


Soothing music can help with a number of energy centres in your body, including blood pressure, energy levels, learning, immune system, memory, sleep and pain management. Of all the art forms, music is known to be of great value in promoting positive energy.


Pleasant aromas are known to help enhance positive feelings. If you are not already enjoying the various aromas that can be found in essential oils, which are commonly in use today, why not try a few, such as rose, peppermint and cedarwood?


Chocolate seems to be the go-to taste of the moment, and it is not at all difficult to find lots of delicious recipes online to satisfy that particular craving. Don't forget, however, that raw whole foods will help you so much more when it comes to boosting your immune system and therefore your overall sense of wellbeing.


Finally, having a pet in your home is known to bring a real boost to every individual through the sense of touch. Stroking a cat or a dog, for example, is a comforting experience for both the human and the animal. Some people find that crystals also have a powerfully positive influence, and that particular healing crystals have a great effect. Among the best examples are clear quartz, smoky quartz and rose quartz.

Hopefully, these tips will have provided some inspiration, and will help you to bring some positive energy into your home.

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