Celebrity Tattoo’s Gone Wrong


We have all heard about them. Those celebrities that get a certain someone’s name or a Latin phrase tattooed onto their body only to want it removed a week later.

It might be because it is misspelled, doesn’t exactly mean what they thought it meant or even a name of an ex-lover that they would rather not have to see every day.

Here The Laser Treatment Clinic have put together some of the worst celebrity tattoos so that you know you aren’t alone if your tattoo hasn’t gone as well as it was meant to:

Drake and the Aftershave Bottle

Just this month Drake announced that he had a new tattoo to debut to the world along with his new album. It wasn’t a naked lady, song lyrics, a symbolic picture or anything like that. Instead Drake opted for his favourite aftershave to be the muse to his latest tattoo.

He might not be regretting it yet but if he did at least there is a course of laser treatment that can remove his tattoo leaving him without his declared love for aftershave.

Clinics such as The Laser Treatment Clinic in London are experts when it comes to removing unwanted tattoos after a course of laser removal treatment. This will leave you tattoo less with healthy and clear skin.

Mike Tyson’s Facial Tattoo

This one is pretty hard to miss especially because Mike Tyson turned up one day with not only a facial tattoo but a dark coloured, tribal facial tattoo which stretched from his jaw cheek to his brow bone.

With many wondering if he had realised he had a tattoo on his face or just woke up one day and not bothered to look in the mirror this celebrity tattoo was one of the most monumental.

Jude Law And Sexy Sadie

Jude Law had a famous Beatles quote tattooed on his forearm in dedication to his ex-wife Sadie Frost. The tattoo used the quote, “You came along to turn on everyone, sexy Sadie”.

It would have been a lovely tribute to his wife until the mucky divorce left them less than friends. They separated in 2007 and after just 70 days they were divorced leaving only a scandalous autobiography from Sadie and an unwanted tattoo on Jude’s arm.

With the help of laser tattoo removal treatments, Jude had the tattoo removed just in time for the couple to be back on speaking terms almost 10 years after the divorce.

Victoria Beckham Rumoured Tattoo Removal

It has been rumoured that Victoria Beckham has started having a course of laser treatment to remove not only one but many of the tattoos she had in her youthful years.

Everything from the date her and David renewed their wedding vows to the Latin phrase she had tattooed onto her arm are set to be removed. Maybe she is after a clean start, maybe she is bored of the tattoos she had or maybe tattoos are just not very in this season!

All we ask is that before you sit down to have a picture of Rhianna or Susan Boyle tattooed across you back, you take a second to think about what you are actually doing.

And, if it’s too late, make sure you visit a tattoo removal clinic to get rid of that unwanted tattoo for you!
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