Me and Mine | July 2017

With the summer holidays now here I am determined to try and do as much as I can with the boys.
We have our Summer List to go through to try and make sure we get out and spend time together.
It's hard when it is just the 3 of us somewhere pretty and special as I don't have anyone to grab a cheeky snapshot of us. However, I am going to make the most of having a phone that I can just whip out and capture as many moments as possible. 

I'm not only going to include photos of the 3 of us, but any photos of me and just one of the boys too. 

The first 7 photos below were taken on a day out to a local Abbey. It is so beautiful. We did then visit a gorgeous beach but my old phone was shocking and the battery died before we got there. Nevermind. 
I absolutely love that in pretty much every photo Harry is pulling a funny face. He would smile up until the last moment when I would stop looking at the screen and look at the camera lens, then pull a face. Then wait until I looked back at the photo and would laugh.
The 8th photo was of a Harry-Mummy morning at a birthday party for a school friend of his. 
9th was at an aviation museum we visited and have wanted to visit for a while. The weather was slightly drizzly so we only had a short visit...and again....low phone battery so I didn't get as many photos as I wanted but I did take my camera to get photos of the boys and of the planes.
10th photo is us at TKMaxx...I took this photo as a joke in all honesty because I see on Instagram these perfect lift shots and of mums and children shopping. But actually I kind of like it. 
And the last one...clearly just us at home. With a sneaky little appearance from Walter laying in the back. 

With a month left of the holidays now and lots of other plans I'm hoping the next post is full of even more photos of me and my little team.

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