Benefits of Solid Oak Furniture

After years of buying cheap, unsubstantial furniture, I decided it was time to invest in some good quality, solid bedroom furniture.
The pros of other materials being cheaper, and lighter to manoeuvre (also easier for a single lady to build) didn’t quite outweigh the pros of buying something a lot more convenient and long lasting.

For Charles’ room I wanted him to have something that would see him through a lot of years, so chose solid oak.
I chose high standard solid oak furniture for many reasons. One being that I feel it will be suitable as he grows up. Unlike white plastic wrapped furniture, which can still sometimes have that “nursery” feel to it, I feel solid oak is a versatile, quite grown up and will be suited to any theme or style of room.

New England Bedroom Furniture

The benefits of solid oak also enticed me to make my purchases.

When it comes to maintenance and upkeep, I love how easy it is to sand down or buff out any scratches, stains or marks. With two young boys and two cats it is inevitable that there will be some form of damage at some point to the furniture. With a drawer that was drawn on by a 1 year old I was able to simply sand it down and paint it to suit the theme of the room.

The fact that the wood is solid and would potentially survive house moves and being climbed on by said children, is another positive to spending that extra bit of money for better quality and piece of mind.

Bordeaux Rustic Oak Bedroom Furniture

I also like the fact that with solid oak you can mix and match it with other types of furniture, materials and fabrics especially when creating a shabby chic look.

Elodie Grey Oak and Pine Bedroom Furniture

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