What NOT to say on a first date...Part Two

As dating goes I've never really had a bad first date, until this year. I feel like my good run of dating happened last year and now...well...3 first dates in 2 weeks and all gave me enough to make me want to write about them.

"Have you got greys?"

Seriously, 15 minutes into sitting down I was reading the menu and he came out with that. I didn't quite hear him properly so said "pardon" and he repeated it. Thankfully, yes I do have greys and am quite ok with it. I wasn't at one point and going back to blonde from the darker hair is partly to do with trying to cover the greys or at least to blend them in. I didn't expect my date to point them out and to mention it so loud.


Yes, burping just minutes into a first date. Not a quiet "oooh, excuse me burp either". Three loud and proud burps in a row.


Soooo unattractive. 

"I've got 15 Tinder messages waiting for me"

Well don't let me stop you from reading them then. Go head, Mr Popular. Didn't realise I was dating such a stud when your Tinder photos actually reminded me of Mr Bean.

"I've got IBS so I need to be careful about what I eat. I love a Calzone but the last time I ate one I was straight on the toilet when I got home, I'm never sure how long it takes until it will go through"

And this is exactly why I dreaded every dinner date with him or eating out in public. Fair enough if it is said quietly but not loud.

"Oh, I just farted"

Nice location for dinner, nice food, nice drinks and then....he laughed and farted and could have got away with it...but decided to point it out. This was after spitting in his beer when he "laughed"...I wasn't convinced.

"My ex, my ex, my ex"

I don't want to know about your ex. I want to know about. I am getting to know you, however, if at the end of this there is a quiz about your ex I am sure to get 10/10.

"Dinner only cost £26! That's a bargain. Really pleased with that"

Ok so firstly, hello cheapskate, and yes...dinner only cost £26 because I bought the drinks. 4 drinks in total that came to the same cost. 

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