Burgh Castle

A couple of Sundays ago we had a couple of errands to do which meant us going a little bit out of town. As a treat for being good, and to let off some energy, I mentioned to the boys that we could go for a walk and an explore at a local heritage site.
Harry is also learning about castles at school at the moment so I thought it would be interesting for him too.

We walked along a boardwalk which seemed to be covered with dragonflies. There were hundreds, I have never seen so many in my life. Although at this point our explore came to a sudden halt as Harry needed the toilet and there were none around, meaning a brisk walk back to the car and then a journey home.

The weather was surprisingly warm and we weren't all that prepared for it. However we went for a lovely walk and didn't actually realise how beautiful it is at Burgh Castle.
The site is perfect for two boys who want to explore and climb, and perfect for someone like me who wants to take photos of anything and everything.

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