How To Make a Rented House Feel Like Home

Going from owning my own home to a rented property felt like a massive step back for me. However, I looked at the positives of having my own space to buy furniture for and to decorate the best way I could.
That's the tough thing with renting. Limitations when it comes to decorating. And although some landlords are quite laid back and relaxed about it, some are not and still not really knowing what my landlady is like with regards to decorating, I looked at other ways I could make this house feel like home.


For me, purchasing furniture was a really exciting aspect of getting my own home. Picking the right lifestyle furniture can be a great way of either bringing warmth to a room, or making a room look bigger. Depending on the style of furniture and what items you buy.
I made a decision to go for a mix and match look in my dining room with more of a uniform look in my lounge. With a big sofa and cuddle chair I needed to keep the lounge more streamlined so chose to give a real cottage look to the dining room.

Fairy Lights

Such a blogger cliche, however, I've always had a love for fairy lights and living in a cottage fairy lights are perfect to set a relaxing, homely mood in the evenings.

Photo credit: Unsplash


In our dining room area I have used pre-existing hooks to place two large canvases of the boys on the wall. These are large canvases so it really adds to the warmth of the room and is a great way to personalise the space.
With the boys bedrooms I bought them some blank canvases and let them personalise them however they wanted to. We then put these up and it just made their rooms a little more fun and more like a space they feel comfortable in.


With wooden floors downstairs and a big lounge/diner space I wanted to try and separate the two rooms as best I could. 
I did this buy purchasing two different style rugs. Although the colours differ slightly they follow a similar colour scheme.

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