Caturday December 2017

The reason I wanted a kitten was because I felt this overwhelming urge to love something new. To nurture and to feel wanted and needed. 
It wasn't until this week that I realised that actually, maybe it wasn't completely down to me wanting to love something new. 

As I remembered the first messages I sent to my mum when Forest first came home. As I thought about the things I say to him over and over. 

"He loves me already
"You really do love me"

I realised that more than giving out love, I wanted to receive it. 
It wasn't about me wanting something new to love, not completely anyway, but was mostly about feeling love from something. 

And in Forest I have that....probably a lot more than I expected. 

He follows me around everywhere I go and at night time likes to cuddle up with me, as close as he can, and go to sleep. Preferring to lay across me or on me where and when possible. 
I can only just excuse the stupid o clock wake ups where he pokes and prods me to wake me up for me to give him a little cuddle and then go to back to sleep. Although his new obsession of clawing my hair and scalp is not my favourite. 

We're now two months into this amazing cat being part of our family and not a lot has changed. He is still super confident. Massively affectionate. 
The only change that has happened in the last month is a name change. He now goes by Forest or Ainsley...due to my boyfriend renaming him. 
Annoyingly...Ainsley really suits him and has kind of stuck. 

I've tried to give him a little bit of freedom and will let him out but he returns in seconds, choosing to be more of a house cat. 

The introduction of a Christmas Tree and Christmas lights went better than I expected....until this morning when the tree was knocked down and our poor Angel was decapitated. 

And two months on he still adores me just like he did in the beginning. He is always by my side and gets quite upset when I leave him to have a bath. We've now had 2 incidents which involved him getting wet because he couldn't not be apart from me and thought it would be ok to jump up and lay on my shoulders and my head.
I also still absolutely adore him. He 100% filled that void I had.



Right vs Easy

Separation and divorce is hard. Lets get the obvious out of the way.

Really, I think I actually had quite a simple and easy divorce. It helped that we communicated well (most of the time) and we both agreed to the terms and so on early on. In fact we had agreed that before even going to solicitors.
At no point have we argued over the boys and how we share our time with them. I hate the word custody, I hate putting a word on our time with them.
One thing I respected and still respect about my ex-husband is that a week after we separated he straight away said "I want 50/50 access". I replied, straight away saying that he could have whatever access he wanted. He is their parent too. It is a joint, equal, role and there was no way I would have denied him from seeing them.

I think the hardest part of the separation and divorce was the day we actually separated.
We both knew it was coming, I think. It had been on my mind a while and things were definitely not right.
There were moments of wondering if I would completely screw our children's lives up, and wondering what the hell I would do as I was a housewife, I had no money saved.

But in my head I knew that this wasn't how life was supposed to be.
It wasn't right to stay in a marriage just for the children, they deserved better. They deserved free, happy parents.
It wasn't right to stay in a marriage because I didn't have a job. There were other options.
It would have been easy for me to stay in some aspects. I didn't have to work...not yet anyway. And if I needed time to go for a walk etc he was always there with the boys.
It would have been easier to not have that conversation, but in the long run, and looking back on those last few months it was hard being in a family that didn't feel quite right. That didn't feel happy.

Since I've been single I have had a few people (actually I was quite surprised at the amount of people) who have said that they are unhappy in their relationships. They stay together because of the children, or because they feel they have no other option. Or more often than not, they are so used to living life as they are, unhappy and just muddling along, that they don't know how to leave.
And although I understand that, I find it really sad.

It's sad that we are so willing to just settle and live an unhappy life because we are too scared of what the alternative is.
Life is so short and we deserve to be the best version of ourselves and to live our best lives.

And it does make me sad and frustrated, unreasonably I guess because its not of my business, that people don't feel that urge or feel strong or brave enough to just be who they want to be.
Staying in something you are unhappy in, that isn't perfect, because of control.
None of us are really stuck in anything. There are ways out. But we are too full of excuses to not do anything about it.
We are all in control of our own lives. We all have choices and need to take ownership of that control, of those choices to make the best decisions for us.

And although there are days when you will feel broken and lost there are days when you will feel that freedom to do anything.
You are free to feel broken and lost and to not feel guilty about it.
We all deserve to be happy. To feel free.

It might not be easy, but it will be right.



Burnt Out But Brave

I remember back in July saying to a work colleague that I didn't feel right, mentally. That I was pretty sure I was heading for a breakdown.
Being supportive, and not really knowing the extent to how I was feeling (or not feeling) as I do tend to hide those feelings away and not share too much, they said "No you're not, you'll be fine".

Two weeks, approximately, after that I was signed off work for a week initially, with stress, depression and anxiety. Signed off for a second week as I couldn't bring myself to face my colleagues. I didn't want anyone to know the reason why at first as not only did I feel ashamed at getting to that stage, I knew they wouldn't understand. I went back to work for one day and although feeling ok when there, I went home broken. Crying from 8pm until the morning. Going in to work and then being sent home again after telling my manager I didn't think I could cope with a full day.
I ended up being signed off work for another 3 weeks.

A month off work and feeling like I wasn't alive at all was really hard. I cried a lot, and I didn't know why.
I pushed myself to go out, to see friends when they asked to see me, although all I really wanted to do was to hide away and not see or speak to anyone at all.
I felt like I was failing in every area of my life.

It's one of the hardest things to go through. I don't tell people the extent to how I was feeling, because people don't understand. They don't know what to say. But also, because it's my battle, no one elses and I feel better...I guess...by keeping it to myself and not letting anyone else in or letting it become part of someone else.

I knew I would get comments about being off. About how I didn't look ill. About how I seem fine and post happy posts on Facebook etc, but then that's the whole thing about depression, stress, anxiety...mental health. You don't necessarily look ill. And if you do post about being down, feeling worthless, feeling like a failure, not being able to cope, then you are an attention seeker or need to "get over it".

I've been back at work two months now and have days when I feel tired after only an hour. I've realised that I have an incredible passion for my job and that passion and the amount that I care can get overwhelming.
Then I have days and weeks like the past week...where I wake up early and get into work early to get jobs done. Where I change plans and appointments to help out on my day off. Where I enjoy a long, and tough 11 hour (no break) day.

The experience of being signed off for 5 weeks in total made me almost go against everything I have ever said before. I was completely contradicting myself.
I've always said I am not ashamed or embarrassed about my mental health issues because it isn't a result of drinking or drugs. It's just a chemical imbalance or whatever.
Yet here I was, taking time off and not wanting to see anyone or wanting anyone to know what was wrong with me.
I unfriended everyone from work on Facebook because I didn't want them to see that I was posting statuses about being happy when I really wasn't. Or if I did post about being happy it was because for a short amount of time I had a moment of feeling good and wanted to share it.

I all of a sudden felt ashamed.
I all of a sudden felt embarrassed.

This wasn't me. This isn't the person I have been for the past 17 years. I've always managed to fight it and although it has been tough in the past it has never been to the point that it made me feel ill.
I felt mentally ill and completely drained.

I still doing feel completely out of the other side. In fact I think there are more days of feeling low and of struggling but I know I will get there.
I am making an effort and I am chosing to be brave and to not let this win.
I am being honest about why I was off work. I am going into work and telling people straight away if I am having a bad day. I am going to my friends or to my mum if I am struggling.

I keep reminding myself of how much I have been through the past 17 years, and the past 2 years in particular.
Reminding myself of how strong and how brave I have been.
Reminding myself of how it's ok that I will have bad days and want to lock myself away and shut myself off from the world.
Reminding myself that I can find the strength to fight when I need to.

And reminding myself that there is a reason I have the word "brave" tattooed on my arm.



October 2017 Lust List

This month I decided to take advantage of an offer on the Boohoo site with 20% off. I've pretty much spent the whole of the month looking on the site, adding things to my basket and then taking them off.
Six things I have really lusted after are below. I wanted a couple of nice knitted jumpers but with some sort of detail. Although you can clearly see the detail on the jumper at the top, the one in the middle at the bottom has a lace up back which I find really pretty.
I love swing dresses too so bought these not only for casual wear but for work too. The one on the left has a drop arm style which I really like.
And the skirts, well they are simply treats and are potential contenders for the work Christmas do.

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