Benefits of Non-Surgical Procedures

Last year I got derma fillers in my top lip. I've always had a full bottom lip and for a while had started to feel self conscious about my top lip not being quite as full. Don't get me wrong, no one else noticed or said anything but it was a personal thing.
I decided to get fillers to help boost my confidence and although I had, and still have, various comments from people it's nothing I regret and I will continue to get them whenever I need a top up.

The main thing about getting any kind of procedure, surgical or non-surgical, is research and making sure you go to someone who is qualified and has proven results.
There are single nurses who visit beauty parlours or there are companies such as Dore Aesthetics who specialise in non-surgical procedures.

After having my lips done I would definitely consider other non-surgical procedures, more likely to be fillers in any lines in my forehead.

There are so many benefits to fillers and similar procedures...

Procedure and Recovery time

Unlike with surgery there is short procedure time with most taking around half an hour, including preparation and anesthesia)  recovery time....or very little at that.
These are often promoted as something you can have done in your lunch break!
With no need to have days off work or impact on your lifestyle at all, these are the best choice when it comes to boosting your confidence.


Due to my lips looking quite natural and not going for the "Towie" lips where they are super plumped and obvious, I was able to go about with my usual day to day life with no one really noticing what I had done.
With procedure time being quick and with no need to go under general aesthetic, if you do want to boost your lips, or have more fillers in your forehead, nose or cheeks, it's something that can be added to over time.

Reduced risks and suitable for a wider range of people

There are of course risks with any procedure you have, and these should be understood and researched first. However, the risks are less than surgical procedures and therefore makes any of these treatments suitable for a wider range of people. They are also easily accessible and cost a lot less than plastic surgery or the more invasive treatments.

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