One Black Dress, Three Shoes

I feel like my uniform at the moment is becoming this dress. A plain but comfortable black swing dress.
I absolutely love it as I find it is suitable for all sorts of occasions and is easy to dress up, or dress down, to wear smart for work or casual for day to day wear.

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For a casual and smart casual look two pairs of Womens Boots fit the bill perfectly.
For a casual "mum/me day" I chose to pair this dress with this beautiful pair of Leopard Chelsea Boots. A bold and brave choice I thought but so perfect when teamed with a black dress and thick black tights to make the outfit a little more exciting. These boots are so comfy, like putting slippers on! And can be worn all day without a blister plaster or red chaffing mark in sight!
For a smarter look I went for the Jessy Leather Boots. I really like the subtle "cowboy boot" style to these and lets face it, Leather boots are always a win! The point of the boot is very prominent but the detail in the buckle does drawer the eye away from this if it is something you are not a massive fan of (my mum doesn't like pointy boots) and the small heel makes these super comfy yet gives that added height and elongates the leg a little more and brings the ankle in to give a slimmer look.
With it being Christmas it would be rude to not include a pair of party shoes
Now, let me tell you a little story about my favourite black shoes. 
I bought them for my 30th birthday and was due to wear them for the 2 nights out I had planned for my birthday. I didn't wear the shoes to either and fast forward a year and a half I finally wore them out. I felt pretty in them, found them comfy and in all honesty, felt a bit sexy in them. 
That was until my best friend wasn't very well. A mixture of a seafood dinner and drink unfortunately sealed the fate for my poor shoes and no cleaning would have saved the poor suede heel and pointed toe. 
I tried to look for the shoes again but they were no longer available.

And then...a couple of weeks ago I found their identical shoe-twin sister. With only slight differences in the heel being slimmer in this version and the mesh at the sides, teamed with this black dress I am set for girls nights out, date nights and trips to the cinema, the Tara Front Tie Point Shoes are the perfect and ideal replacement to the black shoe shaped hole in my wardrobe.  

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