Decor ideas to make a family room perfect

Apart from the bedrooms, your family are most likely to spend more time in your living room than anywhere else in the home. Maybe older children will have a console in a dedicated games room, but the living area is the most social place you have and it needs to work well for everyone.

The cares of the modern world should be set aside when the family come home from work or school, so a relaxing and comfortable living area is a real asset, helping everyone with the process of winding down.

So what should you consider when aiming to make your family room perfect?

Comfortable seating

There's nothing worse than not having enough seating in the living room for the family as well as some for guests. Okay, to be fair there are probably a lot of worse things, but your seating arrangements are key to people feeling relaxed. Using deep sofas with well-padded seats and some squishy cushions is more likely to encourage family members to settle down together rather than heading off to their rooms. Leather chairs and sofas can stretch the budget, but they are hardwearing and easy to wipe clean.

You can use linen or woollen throws to soften the room visually, and a thick, high-quality carpet or rugs can give your space a comfortable and inviting feel. If you're pushed for space for seating add in a leather pouffe or two or beanbags for the youngsters, and if you have room why not think about a loveseat, something that is a little bit different and very stylish.

Colours and window dressings

Colour is key to making your living space a light and attractive place for everyone to gather. You can use bold colours in other areas if you're so minded but a more neutral paint colour brings a sleek feeling to the living room, so look at trying off-white with some gentle blues or greens. Look for durable paint that you can easily wipe clean.

Standalone uplighters and downlighters can create pools of light where you want them, and recessed LEDs in the ceiling that can be dimmed help to create a pleasing atmosphere. Strategically placed spotlights can be used to illuminate favourite pieces of artwork or much-loved family photographs.

When it comes to windows, you may be used to dressing them with curtains. They can certainly be attractive, but unless they are relatively plain, they can appear fussy and possibly overpowering for the clean, clear lines you want to establish. One option to consider is using shutters, especially high-quality ones made of wood. DIY shutters enhance the clean lines of your room and are easy to install and maintain. They can be designed to fit all types of windows, so you get a tailor-made solution, and they let in as much or as little light as required at different times of day.

Many shutters have louvres you can open and close giving you even more control of the light coming into a room. They also provide additional insulation during the colder months of the year. A large range of materials and colours is available.

Child-friendly play area

Children love to have the opportunity to play and if you have enough space to be able to set aside an area for them in your living room you're encouraging them to be with the family. A simple table in one part of the room, maybe with some board games or a deck or two of cards, is a simple solution to children being creative and imaginative, and you can always be on hand from time to time to participate. Opportunities to draw with crayons are another useful way of stimulating creative play, but do be wary of paint!


Look at your options for storage space early on – many rooms just don't have enough. For children, you need somewhere for them to put away their toys, so the room doesn't get turned into one gigantic play area, and you'll also want places to put your books and ornaments for display.

Be imaginative

If you take the time to think through your ideas for a perfect family room, you can draw up a plan of work that you can gradually implement if you can't afford to do all at once. Your aim is to make a great family living space, so be imaginative and create something exceptional.

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