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I used to religiously join in with Little Loves and then when my blog unexpectedly took a back seat in my life I ended up losing track. One of my plans for this year is to put a little more time and love into my blog again and joining in with this linkie is an absolute must.


I am going away to Fueteventura and Cyprus this year with my boyfriend so have been obsessing on Pinterest looking at places to visit and things we can do.
Fuerteventura is going to be more of a relaxed, lazy holiday which we want to do as cheaply as possible in terms of not taking much spending money so I have been looking at free things to do and places within walking distance of the villa we have booked. Cyprus though is going to be a week of exploring. My best friend is getting married in Paphos, but we have booked a studio 40 minutes away in the mountains. We wanted to be a little more rural and traditional in where we stayed and we want this to almost be the theme of our holiday.
We will be hiring a car and spending everyday exploring the history of the island and visiting the beauty spots.
I'm really into Greek Mythology and having gone to Cyprus a few years ago and briefly visiting Aphrodites Bath and seeing Aphrodites Rock from a distance I am keen to go back to those places to spend more time there and really take in the history and beauty of it.


I had a TV in my bedroom and this is where I watched most of my programmes. However, the arrival of two most amazing pets for Christmas and they have now taken up the space where my tv was.
However, they have been the things I have mostly watched.
I am absolutely fascinated by them. They are amazing, the way they eat, the way the move and...well just everything about them. They are just stunning.


This is super super cheesy but as I haven't really listened to music or anything my main topic for "heard" would be my boyfriends voice. 
I always hated talking on the phone and before we met we talked on the phone for a ridiculous amount of time, which I was dreading but it actually turned out to be really lovely.
We have spoken on the phone everyday ever since...apart from days we are together of course, and I never tire of hearing him speak. I could listen to him for hours...which I regularly do. 
It's a lovely alternative for days when we can't see each other and I'm glad I got over my hatred for talking on the phone.


Instead of making New Years Resolutions or Goals I made Promises for 2018. I felt like these were much more avheieveable and realistic and there is something about the fact you turn what would be goals into promises that gives you the definite push to not break them and to see them through properly.  
I wrote them on my blog if you want to take a look. 


Oh hi Little Miss Spoilt over here...I got the tortoises, their housing a massive throw and a money box for Christmas from my boyfriend...PLUS a looooovely new perfume set. It's the Emporio Armani 'Because It's You' perfume. The man did good...I mentioned before that I had run out of my usual Armani Elle Perfume and he remembered!! I literally mentioned it in passing and he remembered....winner!
Honestly it is the most beautiful, pretty smell and the fact he loves it too is even better.
New favourite perfume alert!!

And lastly...

I've always loved scented candles and am obsessed with buying them. However I don't think I have ever gone through them as quickly as I have done recently. 
TKMaxx is quite possibly my favourite place to pick up candles, and unashamedly I do head to the reduced section to get them at first...worth saving a couple of pennies and pounds. 
I also love the candles from Home Bargains and find they last a while and the scent throw is perfect from those. 
One of my favourite things recently is to snuggle up in my lounge, new massive blanket and a whole load of candles on. 

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