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We drove from Suffolk to Stansted on Sunday evening and whilst on the drive I decided to do some research for our holiday to Fuerteventura. Although we are just planning to chill out for the week, using our Cyprus holiday as more of an active, exploring holiday, I wanted to look for any little sightseeing bits we could do whilst there. 
I Googled for boat trips to any neighbouring island and discovered the beautiful Isla de Lobos. It's costs just €15 each to get over to the island and back which we think is really reasonable. The island looks absolutely stunning and is uninhabited.
We are possibly going to go over all day and hike up the Volcano, visit the lighthouse and then relax on the beach and paddle in the sea. 
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I wasn't feeling so great on Friday and after dinner we said we would watch a film. We do tend to look at Tom Hanks films before anything else (yes, my boyfriend is also a Tom Hanks fan...winner!!!) but today I decided without his help to put on Road to Perdition. Oh. My. Goodness.
I can't say I knew what was going on at every point in the film, having a migraine wasn't helping, however the film was amazing and I was surprised at actually enjoying Tom Hanks playing this sort of role.
Without giving anything away, at one point in the film I had a completely unexpected, OTT breakdown. I am so glad I have already cried in front of my boyfriend if not it would have been super embarrassing. 
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I hold my hands up and can say I'm not one of those women who is massively pro "women's rights" and "feminism". I hate t-shirts that say "The Future is Female", I don't care at all whether or not toy shops have sections for boys and girls, and couldn't care less if there are slogans on notebooks that are outdated in terms of sex or gender equality. 
HOWEVER....this week I absolutely loved the speech by Halsey at the NYC Women's March. 
I've put it down as 'Heard' rather as 'watched' because it's the words that are powerful. So powerful. 


My migraine from Friday carried on into Saturday. We had planned to go out for dinner but instead went to a local Fishmongers and made our own seafood platter. My boyfriend cooked most of it and did an amazing job. 


I wanted to buy Harry a new coat this week and whilst buying him one couldn't resist getting them both these matching hats. 
Maybe a little bit chavvy to some but I think they look lovely. I tried the hat on too and it fits....slightly tempted to go and get one for me too.
(Side note....slightly frustrated that this photo looks like I have airbrushed the boys skin. I haven't. I have no idea why it has come out like that)

And lastly...

I'm still obsessed with quotes on Pinterest and have loved finding new ones that focus on positive living, a positive mind and especially around my faith, which I am feeling really strongly about at the moment. 
I loved this one. I find I get stressed and worked up at the smallest thing sometimes and I am learning to get over that and to not feel so wrapped up in silly things and to let go. Particularly with my work life.
40 Incredible Wise Inspirational Quotes  #inspirationalquotes #wisequotes #wisdom #positivequotes #zenquotes

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