Treatments for damaged skin

It doesn't matter how vain you are, or aren't, we all want to feel confident when it comes to our skin. 
Throughout our lives our skin is affected by so much in terms of pubity, hormones, stress, diet and even weather, that there's no surprise some of us suffer with complaints and issues. 

Although it's easy to say that you can take care of your skin by keeping to a strict skincare regime it's not necessarily something you can control or prevent.

There are various treatments available when it comes to bad skin. 

Gels, creams and lotions

There are a few lotions, creams and gels available from a chemist or through prescription. However, creams such as Sudocrem are a wonderful way of treating acne and spot flared skin. Sudocrem can heel and soothe the skin as well as protecting the skin from further infection.
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Hormonal therapies

Some GPs will prescribe the combined oral contraceptive pill. This helps to control hormones which can be the cause of bad skin/acne. 

Lifestyle changes

There are various lifestyle changes that can reduce acne reduced skin. Limiting dairy intake, fewer refined carbs will make a difference, as will increasing intake of probiotics, zinc and omega-3.

Acne scar removal

Covering scarred skin with make up can draw attention to the area and also make the skin worse or flare up any sores. Acne scar removal is worth looking into for long term cures when it comes to clearing the skin. Click here for more information.

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