February 2018 Lust List

I am on a mission to get my tattoo sleeve finished before July this year. My best friend is getting married in July and I am bridesmaid and really want to have my sleeve finished for that.
I want something that links to my spiritual side and thought a crystal ball would be good to fit the styles I have already. These are four of my favourites I've been looking at/obsessing over.

For months have have been lusting after bags, wanting a nice new tote style bag. I had my heart set on getting a Dune bag...until I then fell for the Kurt Geiger styles.
I definitely want one in a blush pink colour. I think it would be super pretty and would go with any outfit. The bottom left bag is calling out to me VERY loudly.



Sundays #1

I always used to enjoy reading Charlottes 'Weekend Posts' and it's something I've wanted to take inspiration from for a while. Particularly since being with my boyfriend as my weekends aren't spent all lonely by myself wondering what to do.
I work every Saturday so my alternative to a weekend post is to document my Sundays. Sometimes its just a lazy day but I am now trying to make more of an effort, even if it is a home day I try to at least make it special by making a good breakfast or having something really nice for dinner.
Sunday has not the best of days. Harry had woken me up early and I felt super tired so went back to bed, the boys ended up fighting so I woke up and noticed two missed calls from my dad...I knew what it was going to be so I braced myself for bad news. At the age of 98 and a half my Nanny had died. Exactly two weeks previously the boys Grandma died so its not been the easiest February in all honesty.
I had a cry, phoned my brother and my mum, had a cuddle with my boyfriend and reminisced over good memories then decided to get up for the day. 
My boyfriend isn't very well so I told him yo stay in bed and I went downstairs, had a little tidy and then made us all pancakes for breakfast. 
Despite it being cold there was the most beautiful sunlight beaming into the house...almost too bright in some rooms...and it really felt like spring was here. Back with a bang when we then read the snow and freezing temperature reports for next week. 

After a relaxing morning, including a bath for the tortoises and the boys both attempting to make me a Buddha out of Lego, I took the boys out for a bit. First heading to Matalan then we were going to pop to our local Redwings Horse Sanctuary. I didn't realise how good it was there so as we drove up we decided it would be best to come back another day when the weather wasn't so cold and when we hadn't left a poorly man back at home.
The boys did allow me an indulgent few minutes where I pulled up and got out of the car to swoon over the pigs on the nearby field. 

We then drove a couple of metres up the road to the garden centre and had a look at the antiques shop, then visiting the owl sanctuary. I've been here a few times before but never explored further and hadn't been to the section with chickens, turkeys and rabbits. It was really lovely for the boys...and for me.

We then popped to the shop to pick up some stuff for a quick lunch, came home and later on ordered fish n chips. Except this silly mum forgot to order Charles' savaloy...which then resulted in a half an hour drive around town to find a chip shop open to get him one. 

After a lovely dinner, a cuddly bedtime for the boys, it was then time for a lovely bath and straight to bed to settle down with my boyfriend.

It was a lovely day in some ways but tricky in others. Grief is really bloody hard and I didn't realise how many emotions you can feel along with it. Especially when it comes twice in two weeks. I've not experienced grief as an adult so to have two hits of it is a bit of a shock.

Tomorrow I was due to go to work for a few hours to cover for a colleague but thankfully after messaging my boss he is ok with me staying at home. I need to rest and just look after myself as I've really felt a big shock to my mental health which is frustrating but understandable. 

Hopefully next Sunday will be a lot more relaxing with no tears.



Selling Your House Quickly

When I separated from my ex husband the biggest thing for us to go through, other than the divorce (which was pretty straight forward) was the house sale.
If I remember correctly the house was on the market for 3-5 months.

For me, needing to sell my house quickly was a necessity, and I do feel like I managed it really well, and wanted to give some of my own tips on how I coped and managed with the sale.

Remove the emotion

Moving house can be an emotional time as it is. When it is due to a divorce it is somewhat harder, especially when moving from a home you owned to a rented property.
I found it easier to cope by removing the emotion. By not thinking about the memories (good and bad) in the house and instead looking at it as a building. That's all it was, a building that we slept in.

Declutter and be ruthless

It was when we moved house that I realised we had a lot of stuff. Just, stuff. Not loads of practical items but things that we didn't need to keep. Although it was tiring and a big job, it felt really rewarding when taking bags to the recycling tip and filling up the skip we hired.

Be realistic 

This is mainly in terms of price, and the condition of your house. It's so easy to see what other houses are selling for in your area and to think about what you paid for your house originally, and to then put a price in your own head of what you think you should put your house up for or of what you should accept.
For me, I had to be realistic when it came to our house. There was a few bits of work that needed to be done. In particular a new kitchen and a new bathroom and I knew that these would be a big consideration when it came to what we put our house up for. I was realistic in knowing that actually, if these had been updated or were in a better condition/more modern we could have added £20,000 to our value. 
Although we could have updated these before the sale to add value, we wouldn't have had the funds to do so and also didn't feel it completely necessary. Instead choosing to be realistic about whatever value was placed on the house.

Have support

I couldn't have done the house move without my mum. She was my absolute rock during the whole process. I didn't feel comfortable enough or emotionally stable enough to do any of the viewings and my mum, the absolute star, did all of these for me. 
I also had a friend who was an Estate Agent and when it came to getting an offer he was really supportive in helping me when it came to getting an offer (even though the agents he worked for didn't sell our house). 

Start packing before you have an offer

I think this helps in quite a few ways, not only for a quick sale and move, but also when it comes to taking away the emotion. Seeing boxes and organising your belongings is an easier way to accept what is happening and to see the reality rather than to think of or be reminded of memories. 
I felt like the whole process would have been even harder if I'd only started the packing process once we accepted an offer. Along with working, and having the children and needing to find a new house to move into and so on, packing as and when I could made the process a whole lot easier.


Why Faux Silk Plants Are the Best Landscaping Option for Corporate Spaces

Hunting for a huge luxurious property for corporate space meant for setting up up your new office? Right after settling with the selection, begins the most important task of decking up the interiors and exterior landscape of the property. Proper selection of decor items becomes necessary while planning the decoration. Decor items, which can create some instant connection and like in mind and heart of the visitors is what one should look for. Even for employees working in the office premises, the decor items should strike a chord with them as well.

Decor items having some connection with nature can be an instant hit and can change the environment for bringing in the needed positiveness. Various types of trees, plants, creepers or green walls can weave in the needed magic you need in the decor items but is very difficult to maintain. Regular care with the help of manpower and constant involvement of money is needed for growing them. Hence, an alternative solution should be considered, which will help create the same environment but will be cost effective. Artificial outdoor plants and trees and also the varieties available for indoor will give you the perfect solution.

Why is the battle between Real plants and fake trees for outdoors and indoor always won by the artificial ones?

There can be an end number of reason supporting the statement mentioned above as for decorating the landscapes of any luxurious property like shopping malls, casinos or five-star hotels; there is no better alternative than the real looking faux silk plants. The main reasons are explained below for understanding:-

  • Particular temperature and climatic conditions are required by original plants and trees for survival, but the faux replica of the original doesn’t have any such issue and can withstand any harsh weather conditions.
  • Sunlight, shade and regular watering is a must for live plants and trees. While the fake ones will not require these instead will save water.
  • Proper trimming, cutting, pruning, and shaping is required by real plants at regular intervals for retaining their shape and look, while the faux alternative will keep looking beautiful without these.
  • The real trees and plants will require fertilizers for its growth and pesticides from saving them from any insect attack or bacteria formation. The fake botanical beauties are made to repel insects and won't need any investment on these.
  • The live plants and trees can die or decay anytime due to lack of care or any unforeseen reasons. However, once you buy the fake ones, they look beautiful and last all your lifetime.

Where can you find the beautiful faux silk plants and trees for executing your landscape decor ideas?

For more than 40 years, the company which is manufacturing and experimenting day and night for creating the most lifelike botanical beauties is none other than HedgeScapes. They never compromise on the quality of their products like any plants with or without flowers which can be transformed into artificial hedge panels or artificial topiary of any shape and form. Making any landscape look beautiful by installing greenery through their products is the main motto of the company.

The best architects, engineers, designers, and botanists from the industry are hired by the company for forming their manufacturing team. The finished products look alive and artistic. The company’s team is extremely professional and can help you with any landscape designing ideas too if required. Only by paying a visit to their official website and contacting them, you can be assured of any help from their side. People with single piece requirement and also people with wholesale are welcomed equally by the company.

What are the unique characteristics of faux botanical products available at HedgeScapes?

  • Made of extremely high-quality silk, the replica of the original botanical beauties can be a sure shot show stealer. Their uniqueness is explained below:-
  • They made to repel fire during any fire break-out. Special chemicals are impregnated on their surface for making them 100% fire retardant.
  • For retaining their beauty and not getting that swayed away by any harsh weather conditions or exposure to harmful UV rays, PermaLeaf® technology is used during the manufacturing process.
  • The raw materials and the technology used in the manufacturing process is of very high quality. This helps these products earn some very high commercial grading.
  • Instruction manuals are provided with every product, one orders. The installation process in very much simple and it can be further simplified if you ask for manpower from the company’s end.

What is the variety of fake botanical items available in the collection of HedgeScapes?

The company offers an amazing collection of faux botanical beauties in their collection in the form of artificial hedge screening, boxwood tiles, mats, rolls in varied foliage and patterns. Replicating the real-life hedges, the variety they offer are Boxwood, Azalea, Dark-green pearl grass, Light-green pearl grass, Juniper and English Ivy. Suitable and available for every season and weather, these botanical beauties are a must order for landscape architects who are assigned to do up large luxurious properties.

Apart from this, there is a huge collection of topiaries in any type. Any customization can be done as per the instruction of the client in size and shape specifications. While placing the order for these extremely durable items, and for getting some design examples, their website can come off much help. You can ask them for the catalog and then can browse for ideas.
For any temporary events like theme parties and birthday parties, they also have temporary green screen collection. You can use them for those temporary decorations.

Add greenery through these faux silk plants in the form of artificial box hedge or tiles on the entrance or lobby of your plush office or get some fake green privacy screens added at the garden of the luxurious property for some cover-up. Order now from HedgeScapes and get the best landscaping options for any huge corporate spaces.




Her acrylic nails, a little overgrown and needing to be filled, painted metallic were ripped off by her teeth. The nails underneath a little bit weak, but still long, then bitten so they were sore.
Her makeup-less eyelashes wet where tears had managed to slowly flow through, even when she tried to stop them.
Her cheeks, damp by those same tears.
The corners of her mouth heavy and drawn down by the weight of her thoughts.
Her head slightly bowed, looking down, because although there was no one around to see her, she knew she was a mess.

Her head, full of thoughts, of confusion, of what if's, and what next's. Of 'What can I do differently?' and 'How can I help myself to get through whatever is coming next?'.
Her head, full of doubt, overthinking, doubting herself for feeling certain things and for thinking certain things.

Her heart, fluttering. Beating out of rhythm. Filled with love but feeling like it acted too fast.
Her heart, building up protective layers, so as to not break, or at least to protect it as much as possible when it does.

Her tummy, full of butterflies. Anxious, petrified, butterflies. Making her feel sick.

Her eyes wake up, sore and red. Underneath, heavy showing a night of restless sleep. Of tears that switched on as soon as she woke up.

Her body, hoping everything she was overthinking was just a dream.
Her thoughts, worse than the day before.

Angry at herself for having doubts.
Angry at herself for being selfish.
Angry at herself for dreaming and hoping of better things.

Snowflakes fall outside.
All she thinks about is going out there, not wrapped up, to feel the piercing cold through her skin.
Into her blood.
Into her head.
Into her heart.
Into her stomach.
To freeze it all.
To replace the pain with something new.

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