Little Loves #5


On Sunday we went to a local Aviation Museum. The museum is free to get in, with donation boxes dotted around, and has a few different planes, uniforms and other bits and pieces from various wars.
I like reading old letters and manuscripts from the war and find them really interesting. 
These were really heartbreaking and it made me feel sad that to find out your son was missing and had then died isn't as "simple" or instant as it is these days. To have to wait for a telegram, sitting with that wonder and hope for so long is heartbreaking.


I've almost finished watching Riviera. I liked the description of the series and wanted something else to get into.
Although it is good, it is a little hard to keep up with and some of the episodes have felt a little boring and wasted.I'm confused by the mixture of French, American and English actors/actresses and their accents. And I can't say I am the biggest fan of Julia Styles.
Other than that, something is keeping me gripped and it's generally an ok series.




Simple one, Sunday was spent with my boyfriend and the boys. We went out for a bit in the day to the Aviation museum and then came home to a Chicken Roast. My boyfriend was able to get us a massive chicken due to his job and it was delicious.


My leopard print boots. I absolutely love wearing these with a plain black dress. It is pretty much becoming my uniform.

And lastly...

Tuesday was spent with my two favourite people. I had an appointment in the morning and without asking my best friend offered to come and support me. I tend to struggle with kindness like that as I always wonder whether not I really deserve that sort of friendship.
We went out for lunch and then went for a walk around the local park. A lovely lady stopped me and told me to put my hand out. As I did she gave me a handful of monkey nuts to feed the Squirrels. I thought it was a really kind thing to do and it really made me smile.

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