Little Loves #8


I've tried to find some new blogs to read. I've fallen in love with Birds and Lilies, the blog style is beautiful and I've really enjoyed reading her posts.
I also absolute adore the photography and style of Lilypad and Bow.


Friday was a complete and utter write off. I was really really poorly with a sickness bug. The boys did an amazing job of looking after me, and we sat and watched The BFG...I say that, I kept falling asleep but the boys sat and watched it. From what I saw though it was amazing. The effects were incredible.

I also caught up on Real Housewives of Orange County and Trauma. Trauma was good although I think part of me felt like there was a little something missing at the end. Like it almost wasn't resolved properly. It felt like a massive build up and then.....Oh.


I actually listened to a really interesting Podcast this week on Acast. It was the Secular Buddhism Podcast with Noah Rasheta. The episode I listened to was ‘We don’t need to change ourselves’. Although the sound quality was a bit rubbish I felt really inspired by it...which you’ll see in the next couple of weeks as it has inspired a few blog posts.

I also heard that my best friends are having a baby girl! I am so excited and am trying my best to stick to my rules and to not buy outfits until she is here.


We had a steak dinner on Wednesday night. At Christmas I made a cauliflower, broccoli and sprout cheese and made this again to go with the steak. I added peas and some onion salt and it was absolutely delicious. I made enough for me to have some on Thursday night too!


A new tattoo. It's been a while since I had my sleeve worked on and I am determined to get it finished this year.
I have the most painful areas left on my arm now which is why it's taken me a while to grow the balls to get it done.
I got a tortoise added and I absolutely love him. It was 2 hours of OUCH but really worth it.

And lastly…

Despite buying Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and not yet starting it I have purchased two more books this week and can’t wait for them to be delivered.
I ordered The Buddha in Me, The Buddha in You by David Hare and then happened to come across ‘In a Cottage in the Wood’ and felt gripped by the description. I’m hoping it’s going to be one of those quick, easy and ‘can’t put down’ types of books.
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