Selling Your House Quickly

When I separated from my ex husband the biggest thing for us to go through, other than the divorce (which was pretty straight forward) was the house sale.
If I remember correctly the house was on the market for 3-5 months.

For me, needing to sell my house quickly was a necessity, and I do feel like I managed it really well, and wanted to give some of my own tips on how I coped and managed with the sale.

Remove the emotion

Moving house can be an emotional time as it is. When it is due to a divorce it is somewhat harder, especially when moving from a home you owned to a rented property.
I found it easier to cope by removing the emotion. By not thinking about the memories (good and bad) in the house and instead looking at it as a building. That's all it was, a building that we slept in.

Declutter and be ruthless

It was when we moved house that I realised we had a lot of stuff. Just, stuff. Not loads of practical items but things that we didn't need to keep. Although it was tiring and a big job, it felt really rewarding when taking bags to the recycling tip and filling up the skip we hired.

Be realistic 

This is mainly in terms of price, and the condition of your house. It's so easy to see what other houses are selling for in your area and to think about what you paid for your house originally, and to then put a price in your own head of what you think you should put your house up for or of what you should accept.
For me, I had to be realistic when it came to our house. There was a few bits of work that needed to be done. In particular a new kitchen and a new bathroom and I knew that these would be a big consideration when it came to what we put our house up for. I was realistic in knowing that actually, if these had been updated or were in a better condition/more modern we could have added £20,000 to our value. 
Although we could have updated these before the sale to add value, we wouldn't have had the funds to do so and also didn't feel it completely necessary. Instead choosing to be realistic about whatever value was placed on the house.

Have support

I couldn't have done the house move without my mum. She was my absolute rock during the whole process. I didn't feel comfortable enough or emotionally stable enough to do any of the viewings and my mum, the absolute star, did all of these for me. 
I also had a friend who was an Estate Agent and when it came to getting an offer he was really supportive in helping me when it came to getting an offer (even though the agents he worked for didn't sell our house). 

Start packing before you have an offer

I think this helps in quite a few ways, not only for a quick sale and move, but also when it comes to taking away the emotion. Seeing boxes and organising your belongings is an easier way to accept what is happening and to see the reality rather than to think of or be reminded of memories. 
I felt like the whole process would have been even harder if I'd only started the packing process once we accepted an offer. Along with working, and having the children and needing to find a new house to move into and so on, packing as and when I could made the process a whole lot easier.
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