Why Faux Silk Plants Are the Best Landscaping Option for Corporate Spaces

Hunting for a huge luxurious property for corporate space meant for setting up up your new office? Right after settling with the selection, begins the most important task of decking up the interiors and exterior landscape of the property. Proper selection of decor items becomes necessary while planning the decoration. Decor items, which can create some instant connection and like in mind and heart of the visitors is what one should look for. Even for employees working in the office premises, the decor items should strike a chord with them as well.

Decor items having some connection with nature can be an instant hit and can change the environment for bringing in the needed positiveness. Various types of trees, plants, creepers or green walls can weave in the needed magic you need in the decor items but is very difficult to maintain. Regular care with the help of manpower and constant involvement of money is needed for growing them. Hence, an alternative solution should be considered, which will help create the same environment but will be cost effective. Artificial outdoor plants and trees and also the varieties available for indoor will give you the perfect solution.

Why is the battle between Real plants and fake trees for outdoors and indoor always won by the artificial ones?

There can be an end number of reason supporting the statement mentioned above as for decorating the landscapes of any luxurious property like shopping malls, casinos or five-star hotels; there is no better alternative than the real looking faux silk plants. The main reasons are explained below for understanding:-

  • Particular temperature and climatic conditions are required by original plants and trees for survival, but the faux replica of the original doesn’t have any such issue and can withstand any harsh weather conditions.
  • Sunlight, shade and regular watering is a must for live plants and trees. While the fake ones will not require these instead will save water.
  • Proper trimming, cutting, pruning, and shaping is required by real plants at regular intervals for retaining their shape and look, while the faux alternative will keep looking beautiful without these.
  • The real trees and plants will require fertilizers for its growth and pesticides from saving them from any insect attack or bacteria formation. The fake botanical beauties are made to repel insects and won't need any investment on these.
  • The live plants and trees can die or decay anytime due to lack of care or any unforeseen reasons. However, once you buy the fake ones, they look beautiful and last all your lifetime.

Where can you find the beautiful faux silk plants and trees for executing your landscape decor ideas?

For more than 40 years, the company which is manufacturing and experimenting day and night for creating the most lifelike botanical beauties is none other than HedgeScapes. They never compromise on the quality of their products like any plants with or without flowers which can be transformed into artificial hedge panels or artificial topiary of any shape and form. Making any landscape look beautiful by installing greenery through their products is the main motto of the company.

The best architects, engineers, designers, and botanists from the industry are hired by the company for forming their manufacturing team. The finished products look alive and artistic. The company’s team is extremely professional and can help you with any landscape designing ideas too if required. Only by paying a visit to their official website and contacting them, you can be assured of any help from their side. People with single piece requirement and also people with wholesale are welcomed equally by the company.

What are the unique characteristics of faux botanical products available at HedgeScapes?

  • Made of extremely high-quality silk, the replica of the original botanical beauties can be a sure shot show stealer. Their uniqueness is explained below:-
  • They made to repel fire during any fire break-out. Special chemicals are impregnated on their surface for making them 100% fire retardant.
  • For retaining their beauty and not getting that swayed away by any harsh weather conditions or exposure to harmful UV rays, PermaLeaf® technology is used during the manufacturing process.
  • The raw materials and the technology used in the manufacturing process is of very high quality. This helps these products earn some very high commercial grading.
  • Instruction manuals are provided with every product, one orders. The installation process in very much simple and it can be further simplified if you ask for manpower from the company’s end.

What is the variety of fake botanical items available in the collection of HedgeScapes?

The company offers an amazing collection of faux botanical beauties in their collection in the form of artificial hedge screening, boxwood tiles, mats, rolls in varied foliage and patterns. Replicating the real-life hedges, the variety they offer are Boxwood, Azalea, Dark-green pearl grass, Light-green pearl grass, Juniper and English Ivy. Suitable and available for every season and weather, these botanical beauties are a must order for landscape architects who are assigned to do up large luxurious properties.

Apart from this, there is a huge collection of topiaries in any type. Any customization can be done as per the instruction of the client in size and shape specifications. While placing the order for these extremely durable items, and for getting some design examples, their website can come off much help. You can ask them for the catalog and then can browse for ideas.
For any temporary events like theme parties and birthday parties, they also have temporary green screen collection. You can use them for those temporary decorations.

Add greenery through these faux silk plants in the form of artificial box hedge or tiles on the entrance or lobby of your plush office or get some fake green privacy screens added at the garden of the luxurious property for some cover-up. Order now from HedgeScapes and get the best landscaping options for any huge corporate spaces.

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