Little Loves #11


I'm still reading 'In a Cottage in a Wood'. It is really good but I've not been able to dedicate the time I've wanted to into reading it. I'm hoping to have finished it by next week.
I love the way it is written and at the moment it is really unpredictable. I'm really hoping it's going to be worth the build up.


We watched Piers Morgans Life Stories at the weekend. I don't watch every one of those, just the ones where I know or like the guest. This weekend it was Jim Davidson and we were laughing so much. We both said that we have always wanted to see him in the theatre so the next day I booked us tickets for his show in July!


I've been listening to my Timbaland album in the car this week, and introducing the boys to his songs.


I made a creamy steak tagliatelle this week. I wanted steak but wasn't in the mood for potatoes so instead opted for this. 
I made the sauce myself using Creme Fraiche, parmesan, and black peppercorns. Then added it to the tagliatelle and some sliced steak. 


I had my lashes done this week. A friend of mine wanted models for Russian Lashes and I jumped at the chance. With two holidays coming up I don't really want to wear make up if I can help it but also want to look a tiny bit decent for photos. I am so pleased with these.
I also had some more tattoos this week. I'm not far off my sleeve being finished now so had a few little filler bits done, a hot air balloon (which has always been on my tattoo bucket list!).
I had a crown done last year with the boys initials and asked them to choose a flower to fill the gap around their initials. They chose tulips and buttercups which was lovely for me as they both had memories to go with each flower. And they are also flowers that I personally love and had pinned on Pinterest a while ago.
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And lastly…

I finished work after my boyfriend yesterday and came home to a cooked dinner. It was so lovely and after a tough day and an emotional few weeks it was lovely to have someone else do the cooking. I was so excited to get home to him as I usually am but yesterday felt even more exciting. He is a good'un. 

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