Little Loves #12


I finished 'In a Cottage In a Wood' this week and really enjoyed it. However, I got really invested in the main character and I did feel the end was a little rushed. "And then this, and that, the end".
I just wanted a little more really. To know she was ok and settled and happy.
I do already have my next book. I have bought Blacklands by Belinda Bauer. It sounds really interesting and I can't wait to get stuck into it.


I finally got round to watching Schindler's List. It has been on my to watch list for a long time and after a colleague of mine went to Poland and went to a Schindler museum and discussing it at work I decided to watch it with my boyfriend.
It was a really good film, despite for the first three quarters of the film thinking that Schindler was a bit of a bastard and not really getting the hero hype about him, by the end I was sat wondering what the hell I am doing with my life if this man was able to save so many.


Although this is watched as well I guess it mainly focuses around heard.
This week I also watched a Spirit Talk by Andy Byng. Andy is a teacher and mentor and I was able to see him give an address at the Arthur Findlay College earlier on this year and pretty much felt drawn to him straight from then.
When I saw him at the college he said a lot of things that really made me think about my life and how I live and changed my life really, so when I saw the opportunity to join in the free talk he was hosting I jumped at it. Thank goodness for Youtube and DanDTM for keeping the boys occupied so I could watch.
I sat and made notes as I watched the talk and was so inspired.


I made me and the boys a roast chicken dinner on Tuesday. Well, Morrisons cooked the chicken, I did the rest. It was lovely...if I do say so myself. In fact, the boys empty plates at the end...other than the left over chicken bones, was enough proof that I did good.


I had two more tattoos this week. I haven't taken photos of them yet as they are dry and I needed one to be added to (eyelashes were missing from one eye) which is now done.
However, here is a little hint as to what I got...and my sleeve isn't finished despite the text below. I wimped out of getting the third tattoo and getting the shading done as the other bits I had were more sore than I thought.

And lastly…

Although I've had some tough times recently, with two deaths in the family and feeling a bit low and beaten mentally, I have come out of the feeling quite strong in certain ways.
I have made some choices which hopefully will see a big change in the next two months. I'm a bit scared and overwhelmed but excited all the same.
Ooooo cryptic.

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