Little Loves #13


Did you see this tweet? I'm not sure how it ended up  on my Twitter feed, probably retweeted but looking through the replies warmed my heart.
It's so lovely to see people being so supportive and coming together over something which is really so ridiculous (a young woman was sacked because of the colour of her hair)


The Assassination of Giovanni Versace. I saw a trailer for this on Youtube and thought it was a film. I can't believe I hadn't heard of it sooner! As a massive Ricky Martin fan I was pretty gutted and ashamed to not know he was in this or that it was even on tv!
I managed to catch the first 3 episodes on iPlayer. It is so good! Highly recommend catching it if you haven't done so yet. Be quick, the first episode is running out tonight!


I've been listening to the Chainsmokers on Spotify. I'm sure I've used them as my 'Heard' on here before. I've also started a playlist for holiday so have been listening to a few songs to put on there. Whether or not we'll listen to anything or just lay in the sun listening to the other one snore.


I've been pinning some pieces on Minimalist living and about decluttering. I'm hoping to move house in the next couple of months and want to get rid of a lot of stuff. Clothes, shoes, old candles and candle holders, paper, make up.
I have made a start on that this week and threw out what must have been around 50 nail varnishes and had a good sort out in one of my bedroom wardrobes. 


My pink and glittery nails all broke off (ok they were coming lose and breaking so I ended up ripping some of them off). My nail technician finally returned from his month long stay in Vietnam so I paid him a visit. 
I wasn't quite sure what I wanted, I have a grey/mint colour I am hoping to get for my holiday in two weeks and sort of went for a similar one this time. I may change my mind to a brighter coral colour for holiday now.

And lastly…

As I said, my nail technician went home to Vietnam for a month and we keep in touch over Facebook. He really is super lovely and he brought me a present.
I am someone who is super grateful and I do get overwhelmed when people are so nice to me. I thought it was a really sweet thing for him to do and is proof that the most unexpected people in life can be the most special and mean the most.

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