March Movement #HTMFmovement

I've followed Gemma, How To Make Friends, for a couple of months now and find her really inspiring. Last week one post in particular really inspired me to get involved and after such a positive response Gemma has now made this a monthly Movement and has opened it up to all sorts of platforms.
I really liked the idea of making the pledge on my blog and documenting it, as I do with my Yearly Promises.

About the #HTMFmovement:

What is it?
I am encouraging you to make way for all your ideas and dreams...with a spring clean. You are going to detox your mind of things that don’t serve you for instant happiness and freedom. This can be anything from toxic memories, people or habits.
What do I need to do?
Simply pick 3 things that have been causing you unhappiness, stress or negative vibes and banish them from your life. Things like; comparing yourself to others, unsupportive friends or clutter. Get rid of it all!

Check out Gemma's post to see how you can get involved.


I'm giving up...

Unproductive evenings

I really don't make good use of my time. You know when you lay on the sofa, tv on, phone in hand, and by the time you know it it is 11pm and you've not actually watched anything and instead you have searched the whole of the internet.
Instead I pledge to make the most of my evenings by:

  • Blogging/Writing
  • Reading
  • Doing my Oracle Cards
  • Meditating
  • Learning about Crystals
  • Mediumship
  • Watching a film
  • Light housework. I don't want to do anything that's too much in the evenings. I really need to learn to be more productive in the daytime so that my evenings are free to relax or just do light housework.

Unsupportive friends

I think the older you get and the more people you meet, the more you learn about peoples behaviour the more you learn who you really need in your life, and in what capacity.
I think when I separated from my ex-husband and got my job I was so overwhelmed with these new friendships that I embraced them all and wanted all of them all of the time. I did my best to make everyone happy, not actually thinking about myself. 
I was constantly seeing the good in people which, over time, I have realised isn't necessarily the truth and in fact people will at first make out that they are a certain way but soon enough this fades and the cracks start to show. 
So I have decided to let go of unsupportive friends. And actually the more I think about it, is maybe losing the label of 'friends' with a lot of people in my life.
Be it people I work with, people I am connected with on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, school mums. 
I guess I am learning more about what the term 'Friends' and 'Friendship' means to me and of what I do and don't accept when it comes to both of those.
It's been a real eyeopener, a really good one at that.

Saying sorry for things I shouldn't say sorry for

I have had two examples of this this week. Two fall outs that I would usually sweep under the rug, make excuses and come up with an apology for. Rather than actually saying "You upset/hurt me and this is why..." I would instead say "Sorry I have felt down so have disconnected myself..." Or "Sorry, but....".
This week I didn't use the word sorry, because I didn't feel like I needed to. And I feel stronger for it. Once prompted, I explained to those two people that I was upset for whatever reason but did not use the word sorry, because I shouldn't feel sorry for how I felt. Or for what I have gone through recently.

Overall. I am really pleased with my pledges and I feel that so far I have done so well in just three days.
For me, these are so personal so when it comes to your pledges and choices, there is no right or wrong.
I'm trying not to think about next months pledges just yet as I want to focus on these ones and confidently feel like I have succeeded. But I have some initial ideas and can't wait to see how this movement changes my life for the positive.

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