Sundays #10

I have been looking forward to this Sunday for a while now. 
It's 5 years this year since I met Hayley at Britmums Live and our friendship is still super strong. I think I will always wish to live closer to her and her family. 
We don't see each other much due to the distance and the long drive so we try to fit in a meet as and when we can. The last time we saw each other was September (I think) or around that time as I was going to a work conference near Hayley so spent the evening before there.

I was due to go to Cambridge this weekend for my friends hen weekend but due to moving house and a holiday to Cyprus in July I couldn't afford it. However, I had planned to see Hayley on the Sunday and as it wasn't going to cost me any money (other than fuel obvs) and not knowing when we will be able to see each other again for a while, I kept that plan.
I actually ended up travelling up on the Saturday night after work and didn't get there until almost 10 o clock. 

Making the most of our time we didn't actually end up going to bed until 5am as we were catching up on a lot of things you can't really type on Whatsapp. 

The rest of the day was so lovely. I adore Hayley's children and Honor has always made me want a daughter. I do worry that it might be awkward as I don't see them often but they are so comfortable with me and so lovely. 
They had arranged to take me somewhere special for breakfast but wouldn't tell me where. 
After Hayley mentioned it on a phonecall whilst we were driving there I Googled and saw it was a bikers cafe! 
I did not though expect it to be as ME as it was. 
There were photos of TT riders, metal motorbike signs I love and would want to collect if I wasn't trying to now be a lot more minimalist. Oh it was just amazing. I stood there with tears in my eyes for quite a while.

We then took the children to soft play and then went back to their house and snuggled to watch a film.

It was just such a lovely feeling to have that relationship with them all even though we live far away and don't see each other often. 
I ended up heading home at just gone 7pm and thankfully the drive was pretty straight forward and I got home to the cats and tortoises (and super freezing house!!) at 9.30. 

The next couple of Sunday's are going to be crazy busy as it is the last Sunday with the boys in the house and then the Sunday after I will be moving in my new house. 
I am really stressed and anxious about the whole thing but I was so grateful to have a day with Hayley to take my mind off what is to come.



Little Loves #15

It's been a couple of weeks since I joined in with Little Loves due to holiday and being busy.


I started to read 'The Buddah in Me, The Buddah in You' on holiday. I found it really interesting. I do get annoyed with books that tend to refer to other books a lot. You know when they say "So and so wrote xxx in their book" as I feel it takes away from the content of the book you are reading and almost, to me, feels like they don't have enough original content or thoughts. It is a little bit like that so I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought but ignoring those parts it is really interesting.


Cheesy but the sunset on holiday was just amazing. I really want to be back there.


I know I've mentioned this before but I am off to see Blood Brothers again next week. I do tend to listen to the soundtrack a lot anyway but have done so even more this week. There are two points in the play that make me jump and so I’m trying to pinpoint those so I can be cool and calm when everyone else around me freaks out.
It’s funny because now the play is still fresh in my mind I know which bits get to me the most. There is a scene where Mickey is older and is struggling and I find that so uncomfortable to watch...in a good way because Sean Jones who plays Mickey is so good at playing it.
I’m really excited to go again though!


A meal plan for next week...nothing exciting.


On holiday I went brave and wore a bikini. I’m the heaviest I’ve been and don’t look great, however I decided to go for it as I felt comfortable and confident despite my body not being even slightly close to what I want it to be. I got a pretty bikini from Matalan and felt a lot more comfortable in that that I would have squished into a swimsuit.

And lastly…

I’m off to Milton Keynes this weekend to see Hayley! I’m super excited as I haven’t seen her since September time so am definitely overdue some Hayley time.


Your office’s front lawns can look better than before – with these 10 ideas

A well-maintained office lawn adds to the reputation of the company and can even boost trust of the clients.

Here are 10 awesome ideas to enhance the beauty of lawns.

1. To maintain a green lawn in all seasons, it is very necessary to use fertilizers from time to time. Fertilizing the lawn properly will ensure dense turf that has healthy, dark green color. It is best to fertilize the lawns during the fall season because the grasses will die anyway when the snow covers them up, and new growth will start only after the season is over. Using nitrogen enriched formula for fertilization is a good idea, but one has to keep in mind that every turf has different necessities and thus their nutrition factors must be noted from the seller or other professional, in order to take good care of them.

2. Watering the lawns regularly during the dry season is very important to keep the turf looking fresh and green. Even if the grasses turn brown and look as if they have dried up, they will recover once the season changes. A network of sprinklers can be used to water the turf evenly without much effort and avoid overwatering. Artificial turfs are gaining popularity as they are single time investments that last in the same way, for years, without any maintenance. These faux turf beds also have a well-established network of drainage under them to avoid water retention in rainy seasons.

3. Mowing is very crucial to keep lawns looking clean and inviting to walk on it. The blades of any machine used for mowing must be very sharp or else it can simply uproot the grasses and make the lawn look uneven with empty patches here and there. Mowing the lawns, approximately, once in every three days might be required during the summer season when the growth is very fast and mowing them once in a week should suffice during the autumn when the growth slows down. Using artificial turf is also a great idea, as they need no mowing and feels almost like natural turf under bare foot if the good quality material is used.

4. Using paver and ground covers to make walkways in the lawn is also a great concept. Different patterns can also be created using the pavers to give a unique feel to the lawns. The arrangement of paving ways with the turf underneath showing between them enhances the beauty of lawns. The pave ways can be arranged to make a path for taking strolls, without doing any damage to the dense turf around the lawn.

5. Sometimes keeping weeds away becomes a great problem in lawns especially when the nature of the soil is acidic. Thus instead of wasting time on chasing them away, consider growing beautiful flowering weeds that will adorn the lawns. Clover is a weed that has beautiful flowers and can be worth considering growing in the lawns as they restore nitrogen in the soil, which is a very important component of all the fertilizers made for turfs. Along with that they also retain moisture in the soil. Dandelion is another great weed that can be considered for growing in areas where the soil is hard. Moreover, dandelions also have the ability to repel armyworms which can propose a great problem for lawns otherwise.

6. Beautiful lawns need appealing benches, summer houses and sitting areas to enjoy their beauty to the fullest. These are also useful for holding meetings with the clients over a cup of tea in the lawn. Maintaining dense turfs in lawns can sometimes be problematic for some areas which gets maximum footfalls. Converting such areas to sitting zones is a great idea that will also make the lawns very useful and engaging.

7. Keeping it simple is the key to enhance the beauty of lawns. Thus incorporating a monochromatic theme to color the summer houses and sitting areas will not only make them look very elegant, but will also ensure that it goes with the formal environment that most of the offices have. Using cutleries and all other decoration stuff like umbrellas, flowerpots, towels, curtains etc. of the same color as that of the summer house or benches in the sitting area will make the whole look come together.

8. Planting trees and sectioning the lawn using borders made from stone, wood etc. will make the lawns look a little interesting than just having dense turf all over the area. Since it takes very long to grow a tree, so if the lawn has been totally cleared of all the trees then consider buying artificial trees that look indistinguishable from the real ones without close investigation. Setting up faux trees will also ensure that there will be no hassle of clearing the dry leaves or rotten flowers and fruits in the surrounding area.

9. Screening all the walls with greenery can enhance the look and feel of the lawn. Consider using hedges to do this task. There are several variety of hedges available in the market, boxwood being the most common of them all, can grow over 2 meters in height, thus making it a perfect fit for hiding all the walls around the lawns. The thick green coverage of these hedges obviously needs good care to look same throughout the year and hence faux hedges can also be considered as a good replacement of the natural ones.

10. When we think of lawns, we do not usually consider or imagine the way that they will look during the night or at evenings. We forget to think that lawns can entertain and uplift the moods of people equally at night if we take consider lighting the surrounding areas. A beautifully lighted lawn can serve the purpose of holding meetings or office parties during the evening.


A Sunset at Castillo Harbour

When we went to Fuerteventura we stayed in Caleta de Fuste. I hadn't really researched the areas in Fuerteventura before I booked accommodation, more being aware that we weren't too far from the airport.
I knew we were on the coast though and from conversations with customers at work I felt confident about my choice, although still didn't research a huge amount about the area before going.
We'd originally planned to stay in the area and relax, which is another reason why I didn't research too much. When we were there we then decided to hire a car, but did still walk into town every night anyway. I was quite proud of us for that and for not letting the car make us super lazy.

One night, after we had cooked dinner in the villa, we walked into town and went a little further to the Harbour. I absolutely loved this area in the daytime, I wish we'd spent more time there really, and at night time it was even more special.

It was lovely to just walk around, to watch the fish in the water and the crabs on the rocks. To watch the boats bobbing up and down on the calm water and to watch the sun go down.
A romantic evening walk...even when your boyfriend likes to embarrass you in front of other people by pretending he doesn't know you when you grab him from behind and take a photo with him.

If you ever stay in this area of Fuerteventura it is definitely worth a walk down to in the evening. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.



The Squirrels Of Fuerteventura

Typically found in Morocco, Algeria and the Barbary Coast of Western Sahara, the Barbary Ground Squirrels can now also be found in Fuerteventura after being introduced to the island back in 1965.
Although not at first introduced as free roaming animals, a local resident bought a pair to the island as pets and somehow one escaped and it is presumed that the other was then set free.

In a few short years they had bred, and more residents had brought the squirrels/chipmunks to the island as pets and after a short amount of time the number of squirrels on the island increased massively. The squirrels were also found on other Canary Islands but were soon brought to a stop, however with the numbers in Fuerteventura now in their thousands there is little they can do to reduce this.

We loved seeing the Squirrels, especially as they were so cute and really quite friendly and tame (which they would be as they were technically begging for food most of the time). We had a quick Google after seeing a few around on our first day and saw that to locals they are considered as vermin.
There are various signs around the island at tourist spots asking to not feed the squirrels as the authorities don't want the numbers to grow any more.
The squirrels are considered as invasive and do cause damage to the island in terms of beauty spots and habitats as well as historical sites too.

We were fascinated by them though and couldn't resist at one point sitting down at a water tower at the Salt Museum and being surrounded by them. Although now looking back, I'm sure it would look, to locals, the same way anyone would here if they were sat surrounded by dirty rats.

Still....look how cute they are.


April 2018 Lust List

April is my holiday month! Woohoo!
I've been looking at a few clothes for holiday from Boohoo. I mainly just wanted a couple of swing dresses as I love something comfortable to throw on. The star swing dress is because I love the long sleeve swing dresses from Boohoo and have a couple of plain black ones. I wanted to see if the star print one is nice however I am slightly worried it could look a little cheap and tacky.
I also wanted a little denim skirt and a sweatshirt just in case it is a little bit chilly in the evenings. When I'm on holiday I do like to sit out on a balcony or seating area in the evenings before I go to bed. I like listening to whatever else is going on in the area.
Whether or not the clothes are ok is another matter as I am finding Boohoo is a little hit and miss at the moment.
I do like to try and theme my nails if I can and for my holiday I wanted something a little different and a little special.
I thought about having a light bluey grey but I went for a light turquoise/blue the time before and don't want to get bored. I have thought of either coral, peach or multi-pastels for my holiday.



Sundays #9

After spending last Sunday in the warmth of Fuerteventura we were absolutely delighted to see sunshine back in the UK too. 
It was my weekend with the boys, and my boyfriend was still with us which made it extra special. 
The day before my boyfriend looked after the boys for me when I was at work and they'd mentioned a bbq. I bought one 2 years ago, built it last July, and had never used it. 
I wanted a bigger one especially as this one had rusted and didn't mind too much as this one was only cheap. 
I bought a new one from Argos so the only thing we had to definitely do [on Sunday] was to collect that and to do a good shop. 

Not wanting to waste a day and the warm weather, my boyfriend suggested we go for a walk somewhere. 
Due to a road closure in the road next to me our road had become the diversion so we decided to go for a walk and to the shop first and then to relax for the rest of the day.

We mentioned a couple of places further afield for a walk but then went somewhere more local and just round the corner.
I'd only explored it once with the boys last year and this time was even better as we went down a different lane and saw some goats, sheep, cows and a Rhea. 

When we were walking back we saw an honesty box with a jar for money and some boxes of half a dozen eggs. We needed some so put a pound in and grabbed a box. It was so lovely as someone had drawn faces on the eggs and had put sweets in the box too. There was a note at the top saying that if your box had a red face it would mean you were about to have a good day. 
And we certainly did. 

We went to the supermarket, and collected the bbq, then headed home.
After lunch and a relax in the garden I took the boys to the local park on their bikes so my boyfriend could have a sort out. 
I rarely take the boys to the park on a sunny day as I've always been really anxious when it comes to the park but we had a nice time and fed some squirrels then headed home. 

The rest of the afternoon and early evening was spent in the garden having our bbq. By boyfriend definitely passed his bbq initiation test.

We laid on a blanket on the grass and I just felt so content. It's hard to relax when you have a 6 and 8 year old boy running around but the feeling of content was strong. 
I felt really lucky to have a boyfriend who is so amazing and who gets on so well with my children. And having a day like that was more than I could ever have hoped for. 



Sunday's #8 | The Fuerteventura Edition

I always used to enjoy reading Charlottes 'Weekend Posts' and it's something I've wanted to take inspiration from for a while. Particularly since being with my boyfriend as my weekends aren't spent all lonely by myself wondering what to do.
I work every Saturday so my alternative to a weekend post is to document my Sundays. Sometimes its just a lazy day but I am now trying to make more of an effort, even if it is a home day I try to at least make it special by making a good breakfast or having something really nice for dinner.

It's safe to say that last Sunday was a little different to other Sundays as it was spent on my new favourite Canary Island, Fuerteventura. 
I spent a week there with my boyfriend and it was amazing. 

After a few busy days we decided on a beach day on the Sunday. We had hired a car and had a look on Google to see which were the best ones and headed 20-30 minutes drive North of where we were staying. At first we went to a pretty big resort style beach and didn't really feel comfortable so moved on before settling down and drove back the way we came and pitched up at a beautiful, more deserted beach...which also happened to be a nudist beach. 
We didn't decide to go nude, but the advantage of this beach was these rock pods that had been made to preserve people's privacy. We picked one and relaxed for around 4 hours before heading to the supermarket and back to our villa.

I cooked dinner this night and just put together some salad and vegetables and some steak we had bought. The dessert was one we picked up from the local market the day before and was sort of like a peach meringue. It was amazing. 

Despite having our car we did like to have a walk into town in the evening and this evening we walked down and went to the harbour. It was stunning and we watched the sunset a little bit over the ocean. 

This was the night my boyfriend decided to embarrass me. We were stood taking a photo, me stood behind him with my arms around him. After we took the photo and I let go he dusted himself down, looked at me in disgust and walked off as if he didn't know me and had never met me before. I was of course laughing but he carried on walking, much to the amusement of other people watching in a local bar. 

If I could relive that Sunday over again I would, a thousand times. 
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