April 2018 Lust List

April is my holiday month! Woohoo!
I've been looking at a few clothes for holiday from Boohoo. I mainly just wanted a couple of swing dresses as I love something comfortable to throw on. The star swing dress is because I love the long sleeve swing dresses from Boohoo and have a couple of plain black ones. I wanted to see if the star print one is nice however I am slightly worried it could look a little cheap and tacky.
I also wanted a little denim skirt and a sweatshirt just in case it is a little bit chilly in the evenings. When I'm on holiday I do like to sit out on a balcony or seating area in the evenings before I go to bed. I like listening to whatever else is going on in the area.
Whether or not the clothes are ok is another matter as I am finding Boohoo is a little hit and miss at the moment.
I do like to try and theme my nails if I can and for my holiday I wanted something a little different and a little special.
I thought about having a light bluey grey but I went for a light turquoise/blue the time before and don't want to get bored. I have thought of either coral, peach or multi-pastels for my holiday.

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