#HTMFmovement April

I've followed Gemma for a couple of months now and find her really inspiring. Last month one post in particular really inspired me to get involved and after such a positive response Gemma has now made this a monthly Movement and has opened it up to all sorts of platforms.
I really liked the idea of making the pledge on my blog and documenting it, as I do with my Yearly Promises.

About the #HTMFmovement:

What is it?
The movement is an idea thought up by Gemma, How To Make Friends.
"I am encouraging you to make way for all your ideas and dreams...with a spring clean. You are going to detox your mind of things that don’t serve you for instant happiness and freedom. This can be anything from toxic memories, people or habits."
What do I need to do?
Simply pick 3 things that have been causing you unhappiness, stress or negative vibes and banish them from your life. Things like; comparing yourself to others, unsupportive friends or clutter. Get rid of it all!

Check out Gemma's post to see how you can get involved.


Summary on last months pledges

Unproductive evenings
Unsupportive friends 
Saying sorry for things I shouldn't say sorry for

I actually feel like I did ok and I did a good job. There were moments obviously when I wasted an evening but I didn't feel guilty about it because overall I felt I made more of my time. 
Unsupportive friends, I didn't "get rid of" as such but I feel I made changes within myself to not accept certain behaviours from people. 
And I didn't once say sorry for anything that I wasn't sorry for. And I feel really good about that. 

This month I am giving up: 

Feeling guilty
I tend to feel guilty a lot. I feel guilty for letting people down, for saying no, for putting myself first.
I feel guilty for things that I would tell others to not feel guilty for. 

Expectations of others
I feel like I have certain expectations of people and it's probably because I give too much. Or I am there too much, or would put others first. 
I tend to expect that in return, but then I guess people only expect certain things from me because I have set my own standards of how I am, if that makes sense?!

Holding on
I am moving house next month. I have mixed feelings about it because the house I am in could be so lovely but with various issues not getting sorted since before I moved in, and then more issues since I have been here and still nothing getting done, I have decided to move. Advantages....detached house so I can't hear next door coughing, sneezing or his hourly Grandfather clock going off. Lovely landlord! House in decent order, including a kitchen I helped pick (A Wickes showroom kitchen at that....lucky girl!!)
So...I am now in the process of having a mass clear out and sort and I'm being so strict. I have decided to throw things out even if I kept them for a sentimental reason. I was saying to my mum on Monday, that I'm learning that if something is special enough my memories should be enough for me to keep. I don't need pieces of paper, tickets, or little trinkets to remind myself of someone, or somewhere.. Of course there are exceptions. 
So toys the boys no longer play with are gone/going, clothes I no longer wear and will never wear are going, odd bits of furniture that won't go in the new house and don't really go in this house, and odd cluttery candles and so on....going.gone!

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