Sunday's #8 | The Fuerteventura Edition

I always used to enjoy reading Charlottes 'Weekend Posts' and it's something I've wanted to take inspiration from for a while. Particularly since being with my boyfriend as my weekends aren't spent all lonely by myself wondering what to do.
I work every Saturday so my alternative to a weekend post is to document my Sundays. Sometimes its just a lazy day but I am now trying to make more of an effort, even if it is a home day I try to at least make it special by making a good breakfast or having something really nice for dinner.

It's safe to say that last Sunday was a little different to other Sundays as it was spent on my new favourite Canary Island, Fuerteventura. 
I spent a week there with my boyfriend and it was amazing. 

After a few busy days we decided on a beach day on the Sunday. We had hired a car and had a look on Google to see which were the best ones and headed 20-30 minutes drive North of where we were staying. At first we went to a pretty big resort style beach and didn't really feel comfortable so moved on before settling down and drove back the way we came and pitched up at a beautiful, more deserted beach...which also happened to be a nudist beach. 
We didn't decide to go nude, but the advantage of this beach was these rock pods that had been made to preserve people's privacy. We picked one and relaxed for around 4 hours before heading to the supermarket and back to our villa.

I cooked dinner this night and just put together some salad and vegetables and some steak we had bought. The dessert was one we picked up from the local market the day before and was sort of like a peach meringue. It was amazing. 

Despite having our car we did like to have a walk into town in the evening and this evening we walked down and went to the harbour. It was stunning and we watched the sunset a little bit over the ocean. 

This was the night my boyfriend decided to embarrass me. We were stood taking a photo, me stood behind him with my arms around him. After we took the photo and I let go he dusted himself down, looked at me in disgust and walked off as if he didn't know me and had never met me before. I was of course laughing but he carried on walking, much to the amusement of other people watching in a local bar. 

If I could relive that Sunday over again I would, a thousand times. 
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