I've followed Gemma for a couple of months now and find her really inspiring. Last month one post in particular really inspired me to get involved and after such a positive response Gemma has now made this a monthly Movement and has opened it up to all sorts of platforms.
I really liked the idea of making the pledge on my blog and documenting it, as I do with my Yearly Promises.

About the #HTMFmovement:

What is it?
The movement is an idea thought up by Gemma, How To Make Friends.
"I am encouraging you to make way for all your ideas and dreams...with a spring clean. You are going to detox your mind of things that don’t serve you for instant happiness and freedom. This can be anything from toxic memories, people or habits."
What do I need to do?
Simply pick 3 things that have been causing you unhappiness, stress or negative vibes and banish them from your life. Things like; comparing yourself to others, unsupportive friends or clutter. Get rid of it all!

Check out Gemma's post to see how you can get involved.


Summary on last months pledges

Feeling guilty
Expectations of others
Holding on

I think I have done really well with these pledges without really trying.
I haven’t had any feelings of guilt, other than for my children and being on holiday without them, but in terms of “I feel guilty for letting people down, for saying no, for putting myself first” I can’t think of any point I have felt guilty for that at all.
My expectations of others, as well I have done well with without even trying. I feel like I’ve managed to take a step back and to focus more on myself and what I am doing than to worry about what other people are doing. There are a couple of times when I’ve sat and thought “well, I expected more from them” and “I would have done that/did do that for them” but I didn’t let it get to me as much as I would have done before.
I managed to switch those thoughts out of my mind and to focus on something else.
And holding on...gosh it’s hard letting go of things you hoard and want to keep hold of. So far I have got rid of mugs, glasses, clothes, shoes, candles, the boys toys, cds and so on. I’m being really strict with myself and although it's hard I know that when I move I’ll not miss those things and will be grateful for the lack of things to move and clutter the house.

This month I am giving up…

Being afraid
I have some ideas and things I want to do, particularly with my blog, but I keep feeling too afraid to actually step forward and to make the appropriate steps and contact certain people to see if I can make it happen.
I have the fear that its a rubbish idea or I’ll be laughed at but I want to stop being afraid and to just go for it.
I want to put myself in at least 3 situations which take me out of my comfort zone this month.

Pinning Without Purpose
I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and I've been pinning healthy recipes, articles on living a minimalist lifestyle, on meditation, decluttering, and so on. I then do nothing about it. I pin things without checking the link is to somewhere that is actually appropriate or relating to that pin, and I never then read about the articles. Almost like my intentions are enough.
But they aren't.
So I will no longer just pin and run and instead 'pin with purpose' and actually look at what I am pinning and learn from it and use it.

 As I couldn't think of a third thing to give up I have decided to do one thing I am going to start...

Making plans
I want to be the best mum I can be this year...not perfect but I want to make the most of my time with the boys so I want to make plans of things for us to do throughout the year but make them realistic and actually put solid plans in place.
So no more "Our Summer To Do list" that actually won't get done and is more of a wish list.
Particularly their birthdays too. I want them to have a birthday they really enjoy and maybe a little something they can celebrate with their friends. I want to do a day out for them the weekend before their birthdays and actually make sure we celebrate it properly and have a plan B, plan C and plan D if the other plans go wrong for whatever reason!

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