Sundays #11

I'm pretty sure everyone was aware of how lush the weather was this weekend. We'd decided we would have a bbq...I'm sure a lot of people did too, so the night before we went to Morrison's for a late night shop. 

Sunday morning I got some bits together in my car and got the boys packed into the back and we headed to the local recycling centre. It was just after 9 so thankfully wasn't too busy and helped me feel like I had achieved something at least. 
We got back and I started to prep food for the bbq, thinking my boyfriend had got the prawns the night before I noticed we didn't have any so me and Harry went out to the supermarket and whilst we were out, went to a local car wash as parking under a tree had resulted in a mess down the side of my car (thanks birds!). 

We got home and after my boyfriend got up we made another trip to the tip and popped down the beach briefly...via McDonald's for some McFlurrys.
When we got to the beach the boys took their shoes and socks off and had a little paddle. I always love seeing children embrace the cold sea and to have a paddle and a splash about. 
They loved it even though we didn't stay long. 

We went home and started the bbq. Charles helped me to carry a heavy cabinet from upstairs, I was surprised at how strong he is for a skinny 8 year old! 
The bbq was a success again (thanks to my boyfriend) and the rest of the evening was a relax. It's amazing how the sun can tire you out even if you don't do much. I kept falling asleep on the sofa and eventually managed to stay awake to watch Who Wants to be a Millionaire...which I think Jeremy Clarkson is great for.
So overall nothing terribly exciting but a few things achieved and a little closer to being ready for the house move this weekend. Let's hope the weather stays nice for then too.

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