The Salt Museum, Las Salinas del Carmen | Fuerteventura

Located in Las Salinas del Carmen, a short drive from Caleta de Fuste, the Salt Museum is a really interesting and informative visit.
Obviously the majority of the museum is based in Spanish but there is a guide book you are given to follow to be able to understand the process in English.

Divided into two parts, the interior which features various visual tools, presentations and exhibitions about the history and importance of salt. I found it fascinating learning about how salt has played a part in various communities and religions over the years and how, to some, it’s more than just something they put on their fish and chips!
The exterior of the museum is fully operational so you are able to experience and view the whole process from sea to salt pot.

I never really thought about how salt was made or how the process was, and we didn’t really use the guidebook at this point as it was pretty self explanatory to watch the process and to follow each stage.

Without sounding like a complete geek, I think this is one of the most interesting museums I’ve ever been to. Being able to watch and learn about something that we use in everyday cooking. The fact it was still a working site and you could watch exactly how it is made and to watch the point the waves break and then travel down to the evaporation pods and then on to the salt warehouse to be transported and used around the country.

For just 5 Euros per person this was a worthwhile visit and if we weren’t watching and learning about the process we were being distracted by lizards or by the squirrels which had made a home at a water house at the site. As we sat and let them gather around us I mentioned to my boyfriend that, as they are seen as vermin, it would be the same as us being back at home surrounded by rats.

There is also the skeleton of sperm whale to look at on the site, with a backdrop of the ocean and coastline.

If you go to Fuerteventura I highly recommend a visit to this museum.



June 2018 Lust List

Next month has gone from being a holiday in super hot Cyprus to instead a walking, camping roadtrip holiday in Scotland and a couple of the islands. 
As a result I needed new shoes for it. My trainers are all getting old and having got the grip I really need for this sort of holiday so I've been looking at walking boots. 

Of course nails had to feature. Before I go away I want to get my nails done. I usually go for a theme when I am going on holiday or have something coming up but I think it would be really cheesy to do Scotland themed nails. I'm thinking of going for something bright, pastles and either a turquoise/aqua or a peach colour.



Mighty Claws Colchester | Review

Back in April the boys and I were invited along to the press day for new children's crazy golf course "Mighty Claws" in Colchester.

As I was away at Fuerteventura at the time of the press day we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go back at a later date.

So last month we headed down to Colchester for the afternoon to visit. Now, Colchester isn't that close to Lowestoft so it was a special trip really and isn't somewhere we could just "pop along" to on any given day. However, as this was a special occasion we made the trip, something the boys were really excited about.
Their grandad is a big golf fan and plays at his local club so the boys have been around golf since they were born. Not in a massive way but they are aware of it because of their grandad.

It was a little hard to find as we drove up the lane and we did miss the turn off initially. Once we got parked we walked to the entrance, which is the main entrance to the golf club, and were welcomed by the member of staff on reception.
I wish I'd got his name as he was super helpful and ran through everything with us. He was also really welcoming when it came to the boys, I do worry about taking them to places which are more "adult based" and that frequent a certain type of person but I soon felt comfortable.

We were able to choose the colour ball we wanted to play with and to also choose and arrange a time for our pizza booking.

Enter an ancient world, filled with cascading waterfalls, a stone fortress, ancient weapons and lots of unfriendly, sharp toothed dinosaurs. 18 holes of fun (and just a little bit of DANGER!). Adopted from the children’s story, The Mighty Claws Storm A Fortress.

We allowed an hour for our round of golf. With a quick toilet break to start an hour seemed about right and we were round the course in that time.
The course is perfect for all ages, in fact there were a few people there without children which proves that!
The boys really liked looking at all of the different dinosaurs and reading the information as we went around.

I think the only thing I would have preferred was a little more fun on the actual course and holes. At some points it felt a little more about ability which is fine depending on who is in your party. Me and Charles were fine with this as he has a little more patience whoever Harry, being younger and with less patience, got a little fed up and as a result didn't have as much fun as me and Charles. It didn't help that it was hot but next time I would be mindful to take my time a little more and to allow more time I think for some of the holes.

Once we had finished our games we headed inside to the restaurant and bar. Sitting down with a much needed drink we waited for our pizzas.
Fresh from the pizza oven we had one of each of the flavours available. Cheese, pepperoni and BBQ chicken. These went down a treat and again we had amazing service from the staff in the restaurant.
Charles wasn't feeling very well so didn't eat all his pizza, which is very unlike him, but the lady who was looking after us was so lovely and managed to sort us out a takeaway box for Charles' pizza and the remaining two slices of Harry's.

If you are local to Colchester than this is definitely worth a visit. I would try and plan your visit around quiet times due to the challenge of some of the holes and with their potentially being a build up of other players behind you don't want to feel too pressured.

We went home smiling...me especially as I won the golf, and with full tummies.

Thank you for the invite Mighty Claws, and particularly for the amazing customer service all round.



Yorkshire Roadtrip | Hooks House Farm

Having the freedom to almost stay where we want and to not be limited with my boyfriends van is wonderful, however hygiene is important so when we went to Whitby this weekend we spent three nights in the van. Two of those nights were spent pulled up somewhere as we travelled through the night. First from Lowestoft to Scunthorpe and then from Scunthorpe to Whitby.
When we got to Whitby it was too late to find somewhere so we pulled up outside a church and slept there for a few hours.

Waking up we then drove to Hooks House Farm. My boyfriend had called to see they had space for us, which they did so we went there, had a shower and then spent the day in Whitby and Goathland

Despite seeing photos of this campsite before hand I didn't really expect the view to be as beautiful as it was. 
Surrounded by countryside and quite possibly one of the quietest campsites I have ever been on, all you really hear is the sound of bird and sheep on the nearby fields.
In fact it was so quiet that we ended up going to sleep at 7.30pm and I didn't wake up properly until 12 hours later! 
The showers and toilets were really clean (I hate showering at campsites but felt perfectly fine and comfortable here so that says a lot) and although we didn't need to use the sink area I was aware that this was available to wash up any cooking pans and so on. 

The only odd thing is camping on the wonk as the campsite is on a hill. I'm not sure how comfortable this would be if you were in a tent and not able to go onto some of the flatter parts but I kind of like the kookiness of it. 

The views are absolutely stunning but due to our early sleep we didn't go for a walk to explore the area a little bit more. However my boyfriend has been there before and told me it is lovely and well worth it. 
If we went back to Whitby or in that area I would definitely want to stay here again. 



Five Things | Classic Films I've Finally Watched

One of my favourite things about my relationship, other than the person I am in a relationship with of course, is how relaxed and easy everything is.
There has never been an overwhelming pressure to impress or to live up to any sorts of expectations.
It straight away felt comfortable.
Cooking meals from fresh ingredients from the local fishmongers, various fresh juices (my boyfriend doesn't drink and I'm not a big solo drinker) an incense stick smoking on the sideboard, candles lit around the hot wood burning fire, the cushions on the back of the sofa plump and a soft blanket for us to cuddle under.

We don't really watch any tv series together as the days we see each other aren't always regular, but we do like to watch films together.
We've been watching a lot of classic films together which we find on various entertainment networks, films which have dated over time but with improved quality thanks to watching on a high dynamic range television.
We've watched films that I haven't really thought about watching before due to them probably being a bit too dark or something that maybe I'm not particularly interested in.
However, it seems my boyfriend has great taste in films and even though some are films I would have avoided in the past I'm glad I gave the films a chance as I surprisingly enjoyed them!


Yorkshire Roadtrip | Goathland

After spending the morning in Whitby we got back in the van and stopped at a beautiful little village in the Scarborough district of Yorkshire.
Goathland was the setting for 1960s based tv series Heartbeat. Various buildings from the show are noticeable as you walk around, as well as three cars which are parked outside the row of shops.

We were both quite tired and I felt it was rude to be in Yorkshire and to not have a cup of Yorkshire tea. We stopped at the little cafe and had a teapot to share and a slice of cake each. My boyfriend went for chocolate cake and I went for lemon drizzle. At first I regretted my choice when I looked at his slice but as soon as I took a bite of the lemon drizzle I was pleased I went with that.

After we had a look at the shop next door we walked down the hill to the train station.
Charles is still really into steam trains and although he wasn't with us we still had a little look around the train station and I took some photos to send over to him.
It was such a beautiful little station which is on the North Yorkshire Moors railway, servicing steam trains.
Goathland railway station was used as the location for Hogsmeade railway station in the Harry Potter films, and the line filmed for Harry's journey.

There was a cute stream running beside the train station and I went for a little walk next to it. There was a bridge leading to the train station which to me looked like the area Pennywise is based in IT. It did make me a laugh. 

The landscape and atmosphere in this village is beautiful. I could have spent a long time there relaxing and walking around but as the day was getting on and we'd had little sleep that night before after travelling from Scunthorpe we then went to the van and headed to the camp site. 

I would definitely visit this village again. I especially loved the fact that sheep are walking around everywhere, grazing on the village green and surrounding moorland.

It was the exact kind of place you would imagine when thinking about a traditional, typical village. 

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