Custom Star Map | Review

Charles is absolutely Titanic mad and with his birthday in June I knew all of his presents would be Titanic Themed in some way. With various books and a model I wanted to find something that was a little bit different too.

When Modern Map Art got in touch and asked if I would review one of their Custom Star Maps I knew exactly what I would go for.

How It Works

We use an incredibly detailed star database with hundreds of thousands of stars, and find what the sky looked like at an exact time and place in history (or future!).

There are various options available when it comes to the style of the posters. Black, white or grey background, border or no border, different fonts, and what details you want written at the bottom.
Sizes start from 8x10 up to 24x36.
You can choose whichever location, date, time suitable for your special memory. It was a little more tricky for me as I had chosen the date and time that the Titanic sank however couldn't select the North Atlantic Ocean so instead researched the nearest country and town to the sinking and selected the night sky for that particular area on that date and time.

You can choose whether or not to have the consolations on the map which looks really nice however for this theme I felt wasn't suitable.

After designing the map it was delivered quickly and the packaging was perfect. I do worry when buying posters online but there was no need to be worried.
The poster is great quality and looks particularly special when framed.

I framed it and then wrapped it ready for Charles' birthday. His reaction as he unwrapped it said it all as he didn't expect such a unique gift, especially as it is personalised and it based around something he is really interested in.

I'm really pleased with this product and would highly recommend for a special gift for a loved one, friend or family member.

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