Yorkshire Roadtrip | Goathland

After spending the morning in Whitby we got back in the van and stopped at a beautiful little village in the Scarborough district of Yorkshire.
Goathland was the setting for 1960s based tv series Heartbeat. Various buildings from the show are noticeable as you walk around, as well as three cars which are parked outside the row of shops.

We were both quite tired and I felt it was rude to be in Yorkshire and to not have a cup of Yorkshire tea. We stopped at the little cafe and had a teapot to share and a slice of cake each. My boyfriend went for chocolate cake and I went for lemon drizzle. At first I regretted my choice when I looked at his slice but as soon as I took a bite of the lemon drizzle I was pleased I went with that.

After we had a look at the shop next door we walked down the hill to the train station.
Charles is still really into steam trains and although he wasn't with us we still had a little look around the train station and I took some photos to send over to him.
It was such a beautiful little station which is on the North Yorkshire Moors railway, servicing steam trains.
Goathland railway station was used as the location for Hogsmeade railway station in the Harry Potter films, and the line filmed for Harry's journey.

There was a cute stream running beside the train station and I went for a little walk next to it. There was a bridge leading to the train station which to me looked like the area Pennywise is based in IT. It did make me a laugh. 

The landscape and atmosphere in this village is beautiful. I could have spent a long time there relaxing and walking around but as the day was getting on and we'd had little sleep that night before after travelling from Scunthorpe we then went to the van and headed to the camp site. 

I would definitely visit this village again. I especially loved the fact that sheep are walking around everywhere, grazing on the village green and surrounding moorland.

It was the exact kind of place you would imagine when thinking about a traditional, typical village. 

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