Yorkshire Roadtrip | Hooks House Farm

Having the freedom to almost stay where we want and to not be limited with my boyfriends van is wonderful, however hygiene is important so when we went to Whitby this weekend we spent three nights in the van. Two of those nights were spent pulled up somewhere as we travelled through the night. First from Lowestoft to Scunthorpe and then from Scunthorpe to Whitby.
When we got to Whitby it was too late to find somewhere so we pulled up outside a church and slept there for a few hours.

Waking up we then drove to Hooks House Farm. My boyfriend had called to see they had space for us, which they did so we went there, had a shower and then spent the day in Whitby and Goathland

Despite seeing photos of this campsite before hand I didn't really expect the view to be as beautiful as it was. 
Surrounded by countryside and quite possibly one of the quietest campsites I have ever been on, all you really hear is the sound of bird and sheep on the nearby fields.
In fact it was so quiet that we ended up going to sleep at 7.30pm and I didn't wake up properly until 12 hours later! 
The showers and toilets were really clean (I hate showering at campsites but felt perfectly fine and comfortable here so that says a lot) and although we didn't need to use the sink area I was aware that this was available to wash up any cooking pans and so on. 

The only odd thing is camping on the wonk as the campsite is on a hill. I'm not sure how comfortable this would be if you were in a tent and not able to go onto some of the flatter parts but I kind of like the kookiness of it. 

The views are absolutely stunning but due to our early sleep we didn't go for a walk to explore the area a little bit more. However my boyfriend has been there before and told me it is lovely and well worth it. 
If we went back to Whitby or in that area I would definitely want to stay here again. 

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