Jimmys Festival Day Two [Part One]

Harry woke up at 7am needing the toilet (Charles was still asleep, he is usually an early riser to this is proof of how quiet the campsite was throughout the night and in the morning!
Despite there being families of all ages and the odd dog around, the campsite was surprisingly quiet. I was really surprised.
We had breakfast in the tent and packed our things up then headed down to the entrance in plenty of time. The doors opened at 11 so we wanted to get there a while before in case the queue was long later on.
A stall nearby sold sunglasses so I treated the boys to a pair, at £5 each it didn't break the bank. The same stall offered cashback (at a £2.95 charge) but as I didn't think I had brought enough I decided to get it now rather than panicking later on.
I had originally taken £50 with me but with the drinks the night before realised this wouldn't be enough.

We ended up second in the queue, I also wanted to get our wrist bands checked as we had arrived late the night before and was a bit rushed, realising we had the wrong ones on the stewardess was really helpful and getting us sorted out.
There was a 10 second countdown and then we were in!
Bag checks...an aerosol removed from my bag (booo to hot weather and not being able to have deodorant with you) we were in.
We went to the information tent and grabbed a schedule for the day and then had a little walk around the food stalls to get ideas for lunch whilst we made our way to the animals and woodland area.

Having been visiting Jimmy's Farm for quite a few years now I am always amazed at how much it has changed. I remember when we first went, compared to how it is now it was very basic. Amazing all the same but very basic and rustic I suppose.
Now there is a bigger variety of animals and it certainly can't be described as basic, but what I do love is that it still has that rustic feel to it.

After looking at the Guinea Pigs, Meerkats, Skunk and Alpacas we went to look at the Wonder Wood. As it was still reasonably early the people looking after that section were only just arriving so we didn't get to do anything there...although I guess that was slightly disappointing as we'd hoped everyone would be ready to greet festival goers once the doors had opened.

We then went on to look at the childrens entertainment and stage area, hosted by The Flying Seagull Project. The boys had a go on the circus and acrobatic items laying around the grass and watched a little bit of the entertainer on the stage. We walked past this stage a couple of times throughout the day and it always seemed busy and children (and parents!!) were having a great time.

We went to see other animals,Charles became best friends with a Turkey that was surprisingly tame and loved having her back rubbed! I didn't think she was going to let Charles stop. And always one of our highlights of Jimmy's Farm has to be going to see Dolly to do some fishing.
As this is out of the way really, and with a small sign pointing over that way, there was no one in front of us so we didn't have to queue.
After quite a wait, Charles managed a small fish...which was quite feisty and ended up throwing itself on the floor as he held it. Then it was Harry's turn...much to his pleasure he managed to catch a bigger fish than his brother.

In such a short amount of time we realised there was so much to see and do and to keep you busy. There were also toilets dotted all around the farm which was really handy (I have a bit of a thing about checking out toilets when I go to an attraction, especially an event like this).

After the fishing we went off to see some other animals and another section we hadn't seen before...which I will talk about and show in Part Two....

We were invited to Jimmy's Festival for the purpose of this review. We were given tickets to the Festival and camping for the weekend, however all words are honest and my own.


Singing Sands | Isle of Eigg

On the Isle of Eigg I really wanted to visit the Singing Sands. Doing my research before we went I saw a lot about the Singing Sands so thought it was worth a visit.
My boyfriend noticed "The Green Bus" would drive us up to the Singing Sands and bring us back. You could either do it as a single journey (making your own way back) or as a return journey.

We took the return journey option...and after the journey to the drop off point we were glad we had gone for the return trip. The island is hilly and it would have been a tough walk back.

We got to the drop off point and then walked up the lane and over a couple of fields until we reached the cliff side. Making our way down the sandy path down the side and then over the wooden steps to reach the singing sands, we couldn't help but to admire the view and how beautiful the scenery was. It was hard not to, basically the whole of the island is stunning...everywhere you go there are beautiful views.

I didn't quite know what to expect from the "singing" aspect of the name. But basically, as you walk along the sand it makes a sort of squeeking sound...like wet flip flops around a swimming pool.
We spent around an hour and a half walking along the beach. Literally everywhere you go on the island you will see sheep and it was no different on the beach.
I loved walking along to the cliff edge looking at the rocks and especially appreciated the T-Rex shaped rock that someone had added small rocks to to make teeth.

The neighbouring island of Rum was just over the water, clear to see despite the mist and fog which was hanging around.

If the weather was nicer, or if we ever go back and the weather was as warm as it was other days, it would definitely be a beach I would sit on all day, and I would love to have been able to go for a paddle and swim in the sea.

We eventually walked back over the wooden steps, up the hill and back onto the fields at the top...trying to work out how we get to the cafe the Green Bus driver had said he would pick us up at.
We walked across a lot of fields, eventually going back on ourselves a bit then walking along the lanes finding the little cafe which was simply the garden of a local lady and gentleman.
We ordered some tea and cake and waited for the bus to collect us.
As the bus arrived we both looked forward to the journey back to the harbour...shattered and thankful we had got the return journey.

Jimmys Festival Day/Night One

On Saturday night once I'd finished work I rushed home, got changed and bundled in the car with my boyfriend and the boys. Stopping for a quick fast food dinner we then made our way to Jimmys Farm to attend Jimmy's Festival. I went to the Beer and Sausage festival a few years ago, when it was a reasonably small event, so couldn't wait to see how different it was now.

I've been to Jimmys Farm a few times in the past so sort of know my way there. Spotting the usual route down was closed I was interested to see how well signposted the alternative route was.

The car park was really easy to find, I just found it a little confusing as to where to go as we were camping, so wasn't sure if we had to go in a separate area or car park.
Parking was really easy, we were in the same car park as everyone all visitors to the festival (day and campers) and we got a space close to the campsite area.

As we turned up late it felt a little disorganised with where to go but we got there in the end and then set up our tent. Basically you can go anywhere, and as far as I was aware you weren't limited with the size of your tent and camping area.
There was a nice atmosphere and access to enough portaloo toilets which was ideal.

Whilst my boyfriend and Charles put the tents up, Harry and I walked down to the entrance and went to check out what was going on. I liked that despite turning up late we were still able to go in, this is the case for anyone with a wrist band.
The event finished at 10.30 so just before is the latest you can go in.
We realised that Paul Young was on the main stage and with it being dark didn't really want to explore elsewhere so we got a drink from the bar and had a little dance, shortly joined by Charles and my boyfriend.
I've seen mixed reviews on Paul Young which I actually feel were really unfair. I thought he was great, and we all really enjoyed listening to him...even the boys did. The atmosphere was lovely and everyone else around us seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I had worried that it might be really busy, difficult to keep an eye on the boys...it actually made me feel a little anxious before we went and would usually be something I would avoid but as we love Jimmy's Farm I thought I'd fight that anxiety and see how we got on.
It wasn't cramped or bustling at all. It was busy, but I felt safe, I felt like my children were safe. There was comfortable room to move around.

We walked back to our tents and still, there was a really nice atmosphere. Everyone keeping themselves to themselves, enjoying their evening but not being rowdy. There were some drinking at their tents, having a laugh and a joke but nothing too offensive or enough to wish we weren't camped where we were.
Our only suggestion with camping was that there would maybe be a suggested area for families and an area for those older. Although it wasn't an issue for me for the boys to be around people drinking (and language that adults use) I know that there are people who would be offended by that. However, it wasn't a big deal.

What I wanted to do for each of the days was to write a total spend in terms of cash that I spent that day (not including camping fee or ticket fee). Festivals are known as being expensive so I think it's fair to be realistic and to be honest about what I had spent.

Saturday-only spend was for a Rose wine and orange juice from the Bar. £7. Pint of beer and a pint of coke. £8. Total spend £15.

I will list ticket and camping prices in my next post.

We were invited to Jimmy's Festival for the purpose of this review. We were giving tickets to the Festival and camping for the weekend, however all words are honest and my own.
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