A 9th Birthday on the Broads

With the boys now at school we don't really get to celebrate their birthdays like we did when they were little. I've always liked to have a full day celebration of going out for the day, giving them the choice of what they would like to do...within reason.
To still get the day out if their birthday falls on a school day I will do something with them the Sunday before or after their birthday (dependant on which one falls on my weekend with them).

This year Charles asked, a couple of months in advance, if we could hire a boat out. Specifically so he could wear his Captains jacket and Captains hat.
It took me a while to find one as they were either stupidly expensive or already hired out.
Rather than all day (9-5) we booked one for 5 hours (10-3) at a boatyard in Wroxham. Wroxham is particularly busy in the main part but thankfully this was a little more out of the way so we had somewhere free and easy to park and no pressure with getting the boat out onto the river.

The weather started off a bit grey but we were ok as the boat had a canopy roof if we required it.
My mum and her partner came along as well as me, both boys and my boyfriend too.

I know the river quite well from my sailing days so knew roughly where we could moor up. I'd planned for us to drive for 2 hours, stop for an hour, and then head back for 2 hours. And actually it worked out really well. The way back was quicker as on the way to the mooring point I took a tiny detour around one of the Broads.

After mooring up and having lunch...And serving up Charles' requested chocolate cake with a 9 candle, he drove the boat with the help (when needed) from my mum's partner, which was really lovely.

Charles was really pleased and had the day he wanted to have. A day pretending to be Captain.

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