A 7th Birthday with Owls, Tortoises and Ice Cream

I mentioned in my post about Charles' birthday that now the boys time is shared between me and their dad it means I don't get them all day on their birthday. We usually do it so one has them in the morning and one has them in the afternoon/evening. So I tend to celebrate their birthdays properly the weekend before or after (depending on when my weekend with them falls).

They had spent the day before with my mum and as my boyfriend was on call at work it was just the 3 of us.

We've visited the Owl Sanctuary in Fritton a few times and the boys have always wanted to hold an owl. So I said they could for Harry's birthday treat.
We love the Sanctuary and the staff member was so helpful and knowledgeable. As it was Harry's birthday she let both boys hold the two owls they had chosen. I let them chose a different owl each so it was sweet that she gave them the chance to hold both.

After quite a while of holding the owls we started our drive to Hethersett in Norfolk. The Norfolk Tortoise Club were there holding an event and I wanted to go and see what it was about. We pulled over for a picnic and then went to the event.

The boys had a go on the free bouncy castle, we had a look at the tortoises, took part in the auction (winning a couple of items) and then decided to leave and to go for a walk and an explore.
We almost headed to the beach but instead we went to Caistor Roman Town, one of my favourite places to take the boys to let off some steam. It's been a while since I'd visited there actually and as we went to find the stream we noticed it was a lot bigger and prettier than previously and also had a bridge connecting it to a further field and walk.

Rather than going ahead (I wanted to save that walk for a day when my boyfriend is with us) we sat on the bridge for a while and watched all the fish, the boys collected sticks and we generally had a nice time together.

We went home for around an hour and then went out for Harry's birthday meal to a nearby burger place. Harry had won a £10 voucher to spend there when we visited a while ago so we decided to use that.
I get nervous taking them out for a meal, just me and them, but they were so well behaved. Charles was particularly amazing by going against what he would usually order and went for ribs! We didn't expect them to be such a big portion for a child but it was and he demolished the lot. Very impressed!

Not enjoying the desserts last time I went there, I offered them a McFlurry which they were happy with. However on the way to McDonalds we noticed the ice cream hut was still open down the beach. And with free parking we decided to get a 99 and sit on the sand for a while until bed time.

It was such a lovely, but busy, day. I think the fact we had no real expectations or pressure actually meant we had a really nice time and just enjoyed ourselves. Making sure we were constantly doing something that made us all happy.

Sometimes I find it hard when it is just us three. But after such a perfect day I went to bed feeling so proud of my family and of the memories we made that day.

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