Isle of Canna | Day Two [Part Two]

Canna Day One
Canna Day Two-Part One

Walking back from dinner we loved looking over the still water at the boats.
We stopped again at the Chapel. We'd already looked in here briefly before when we first arrived on the island. Despite being small it was so beautiful. I have a thing for stained glass windows and these were absolutely stunning.
We had a quick look at the nearby farm square area where we were advised the showers were. We had a quick look at that, and then carried on our walk to the Canna Campsite.
Rather than going to the tent to then have our shower, we instead decided to make the most of the light evening and nice weather and carried on our walk a little. My boyfriend had explored this area the night before when I had gone to bed early, and knowing that seeing a Highland Cow was on my Scotland Bucket List, he suggested we go for a walk so I can see them.

It was so worth it. Walking along the lane we saw sheep...which there was a lot of anyway...Highland Cows which were utterly beautiful, if a little intimidating. Walking along the beach and coast we again found bones and skulls, and as I walked along I was grateful for looking up at one point as I came across a dead dolphin. It wasn't disturbing or sad, and the dolphin was pretty much in one piece.
We also found some kind of rocket which I was not so excited about. My boyfriend of course was!

We walked back to the tent, grabbed our change of clothes and went for a shower. I have to say, I think we both felt like it was the best shower we'd ever had at that point.
For £1 you get 3 minutes of water which was more than enough. Afterwards we had a little walk to the shop again and then went back to the tent for our final night on the island.

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