Five Things To Do During Furlough

Learn a new language

Before furlough I started to learn Dutch but being on furlough has given me the extra time to be able to spend more time and focus on it more. 
I'm also considering learning Spanish or even expanding on the French I learnt at school.
I use the app Duolingo which is really good for ways of learning. I use the free version and for a while upgraded to the plus (paid for) version but found it wanted to take a full year subscription payment rather than monthly so cancelled it. I do think the free version is enough to be able to learn what you need to as long as you plan your learning each day as once you run out of "hearts" it won't register your lesson meaning the next time you can go back on you have to start that lesson over again. 

Learn the words to So Solid Crews '21 Seconds' (and then the names of everyone who was in So Solid Crew)

We watched the Netflix series 'Top Boy' and one of the main actors in it is Ashley Walters aka Asher D from So Solid Crew. 
I used to love So Solid Crew and unashamedly 21 seconds is on my list of favourite songs. I set myself the challenge to learn all of the words to 21 Seconds, and it turns out I know quite a lot anyway....skillz! so to add to that I am going to learn the names of all the members of So Solid Crew. 
Essential life info right?!

Do an online course

I signed up to two online courses back in October and hadn't yet got round to fitting in a schedule due to my job changing and then potentially changing again. I felt a bit lost around that (work) and so life became a little muddled. Now things are sort of settling down again and I'm happy and settled...at least am close to feeling that way, I'm able to look at focusing on the courses.
I chose two courses as they were on a 2 for £30 offer. Mindfulness diploma and life coaching. Mainly because I felt these would be good on a personal level for me to learn and could help me develop my own life, career etc but also that maybe at the end of it I could then do something for others.


So I added this to my list, and with good intentions, but haven't stuck to it as much as I really wanted to.
I've bought 30 Day Shred again and in between doing that (I'm not doing it on a 30 day run but more dipping in and out as I just don't think at the moment I really want to put that pressure on myself really) and also doing a squat workout from Youtube.
I've tried eating a bit better and frustratingly before furlough applied for the Cycle to Work scheme and had my application accepted, however there are now no bikes available in my price range so cycling hasn't happened as I hoped.
But I still feel better for the little bit of exercise I have been doing and as soon as I can will get a bike, sort out the boys bikes, and go for regular bike rides together or solo.

Read and Write

I have so many books that I need to read. I've not read since August last year after reading 'I Found You' by Lisa Jewell. I read that book in 24 hours and absolutely loved it so much that I didn't want to start another because there was no way it would come close to that book. I did try reading 'Our House' by Louise Candlish but I couldn't get into it. Whether or not it was down to the book or down to the fact it had to beat 'I Found You' I'm not sure.
The boys bought me 'The Family Upstairs' and I'm hoping I can read that one quite quickly (Lisa Jewell is my favourite author and I tend to find that once I pick one of her books up I struggle to then put it down again). and get the reading bug again to get through some of the others in my pile.
I've also decided to start writing again. I wanted to focus on my blog this year but for a few reasons haven't been able to but also want to write in a notebook again.
I enjoyed 'free writing' a couple of years ago, writing a page a day straight from pen to page, without thinking. Just opening a notebook and writing. And want to give that a go to see if it can then help writing with my blog etc also.



2020: The First Quarter Review

I had these big intentions to really focus and give attention to my blog this year. 4 posts into January and then those intentions seem to have been forgotten. 

I wrote quarterly reviews last year and really enjoy looking over them now, and wanted to continue it this year also.

It's been an odd 3 months though hasn't it due to the Coronvavirus, and it's not really something I want to focus on or to have as the subject of these posts at least. Especially as I think there are other things, especially these last 3 months, that I can look back on.

I think over the last couple of years I've been a lot more private with my life. When I looked back on old blog posts and Instagram posts from 2 or 3 years ago I didn't really do "privacy" properly. I guess I just had that thing that I'm open and honest and never really respected that actually, it's ok to keep things to yourself.
It's funny because I was so comfortable with oversharing certain aspects but now, when I think about it, I used to really struggle sharing when I visited the TT...often leaving it months until I shared posts because I preferred to keep it to myself and to not share my feelings around it because it was so special and important to me. Even now I have posts from last year that I was supposed to write, but I wanted to soak them in for as long as I could and not involve anyone else in that.

I suppose when I was dating initially (on dating sites, actually dating etc) I thought I was almost being helpful to other single women, and I suppose I was really and I shouldn't go back on that or take any of that away from myself because it's good to feel supportive and to feel like my openness helped others, which I know that it did.
But now I'm in a place where actually I respect that keeping that part of my life to myself is ok too.
Despite meeting someone who I want to brag about and show off and just feel so proud to have in my life, it's also quite nice to keep that to myself and to only share small parts of that (which actually tends to be when I've had a few drinks and take to Facebook...next day regrets...ffs).

When I look back on the last 3 months I do feel really happy. Not only because of what I mentioned above but because of the things I've done...before lockdown...obviously. But trips out with the boys, just for simple walks or for our family treat when they have filled their marble jar due to good behaviour or chores around the house.

I finally achieved my first night out in Norwich...seriously 34 and not having a proper night out in Norwich is a bit shameful really. Annoyingly it was cut short due to trains being off and needing to get a replacement bus but still...it was a night I would love to relive and can't wait to once lockdown is over and we are free again.

A friendship that was really important to me and a big part of my life in 2014/2015 was rekindled which was lovely and we had a lovely afternoon and evening ending in us going to the Boys Are Back concert which was amazing. Before going I was very much "I'm not going to scream, I'll be annoyed if grown, adult women around me are"...and at the end of the concert had a sore throat from all the singing and "woo-ing".

And lastly, the biggest thing for me for this quarter of 2020 is a new job role! I absolutely love the company I work for, I am incredibly passionate about working for them and last year was a big step for me with my career and for whatever reason it didn't pan out how I wanted and for a while I felt a little lost and like I wasn't getting the fulfilment I needed or wanted from my job. But then a new opportunity came up which I applied for and got which made me sooo happy!
Unfortunately I've not been able to get stuck in to it due to the current situation but I can't wait until all this is over and I am able to.

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